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Knock Knock Trailer (2015)

26 June 2015

When a devoted husband and father is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women unexpectedly knock on his door for help.

The Green Inferno Trailer (2014)

04 September 2014

A group of student activists travel from New York City to the Amazon to save the rainforest. However, once they arrive in this vast green landscape, they soon discover that they are not alone… and that no good deed goes unpunished.

Aftershock Trailer (2012)

12 September 2012

Mayhem and death follow when an earthquake traps a group of tourists in a Chilean town.

Do It Like An Hombre Trailer (2017)

11 August 2017

Raúl, Eduardo and Santiago have led a happy and "straight" life since their childhood, until, one day, Santiago confesses to them that he is gay.

Mother Trailer (2018)

15 March 2018

A pregnant woman, who is taking care of her son with development problems, is at her breaking point when a caregiver from the Philippines steps into her life.

No Filter Trailer (2016)

07 January 2016

When a woman visits a Chinese doctor, she discovers her pain is due to pent-up rage, and the only cure is to fully express herself, whatever may come.

Una Mujer Sin Filtro Trailer (2018)

12 January 2018

Paz, a kind woman, has allowed everyone around her to treat her as if she were worth nothing, keeping silent so as not to hurt feelings.

I'm Not Crazy! Trailer (2018)

04 January 2018

A woman enters a quirky mental health clinic after attempting suicide upon finding out her husband is having an affair with her best friend.

Sex with Love Trailer (2003)

27 March 2003

In Santiago, Chile, the schoolteacher Luisa proposes a debate about sex with the parents of her students with the intention of giving classes about sex education to the youngsters.

Fuerzas Especiales Trailer (2014)

08 December 2014

The adventures and misadventures of officers Salinas and Freire, who will have to settle for their lives to be respected by their superiors.

Fuck My Life Trailer (2010)

21 October 2010

Javier wants to forget his ex. But it's impossible when she's always on line. Getting drunk and partying it's the only solution.

Los Hombres no lloran Trailer (2019)

03 January 2019

Stefan v/s Kramer Trailer (2012)

02 August 2012

When Stefan Kramer seems to have achieved everything, destiny tells him he has neglected what's most important.

El crack Trailer (2011)

06 September 2011

Freddy dreams of becoming a soccer star, but he doesn’t have the age or the talent. But when the best player is hurt and has to sit out, Freddy gets a chance to prove himself.

Monvoisin Trailer (2009)

27 September 2009

A Chilean journalist, visit to Monvoisin in France. Then, the painter will recall and will tell to him about the years in which he lived in Chile and the reasons of his return to Europe.

L.S.D. Trailer (2000)

20 September 2000

A group of university students decide to act against a powerful corrupt businessman.