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Thief or Reality Trailer (2001)

05 August 2001

An experimental-allegorical film. Three different people: a sculptress of funereal monuments, an actor preparing for Sophocles’ Antigone, and a mother who has lost her child, experience three different versions of reality - with a fourth character, a thief, providing the connecting link.

Variations on the same theme Trailer (1977)

14 June 1977

In Variations, Angelidi creatively activates her knowledge of the history of the cinematic image and connects it to a global artistic language of an alternative, poetic cinema, while still preserving the peculiarities of her own tradition and, especially, her personal concerns.

The Hours: A Square Film Trailer (1996)

19 January 1996

The painful passage from being imprisoned in the extortionate dilemmas of familial and sexual relationships to accepting a personal point of view.

Topos Trailer (1985)

01 October 1985

During its 85-minute running time, this jarring experimental film takes a no-holds-barred look at the way women have been treated and depicted in Western art.