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Cat A Wabb Trailer (2015)

04 March 2015

An assistant commercial director gets a big break when he has a chance to direct a commercial with a cat.

Body Sob 19 Trailer (2007)

07 October 2007

Chon is suffering from having bad times while sleeping. He tries not to sleep because he's scared of a girl in his nightmares.

Bangkok Kung Fu Trailer (2011)

01 September 2011

Five kids fled from a mafia who abused them as beggars. They ended up meeting the great kung fu master who adopted them and taught them how to fight.

Slice Trailer (2009)

22 October 2009

A serial killer is preying on the rich and influential, exposing their sexual proclivities, dismembering them and dumping them and their severed body parts in various locations around Thailand.

By the Time It Gets Dark Trailer (2016)

10 August 2016

A film director and her muse who was a student activist in the 1970s, a waitress who keeps changing jobs, an actor and an actress, all live loosely connected to each other by almost invisible threads.

Loser Lover Trailer (2010)

30 December 2010

An earnest young indie singer-songwriter is trying to land a recording contract. When he walks into the audition, he inexplicably falls in love at first sight with Mayom, a Plain Jane who is there auditioning with a group of backup dancers.

Single Lady Trailer (2015)

05 February 2015

Successful author and media darling Bright is an icon of singledom. However, a fortune-teller's warning of dire consequences resulting from unresolved issues with former lovers forces her to revisit and reexamine her five past relationships and calls her renunciation of romance into question.

My Name Is Love Trailer (2012)

11 October 2012

My Name is Love tells the story of a young Thai guy who, when he was in high school really thought he was "all that".

Best of Times Trailer (2009)

05 March 2009

"Pae" Arak Amornsupasiri stars as Kreng, a lovelorn veterinarian who thinks he still has a chance with his high-school crush, Fai (Yarinda Bunnag), when he learns she's just divorced.

Young Bao the Movie Trailer (2013)

30 May 2013

The film traces the formative years of the songs-for-life band Carabao, from the day the young band members meet in the Philippines to their rise to become the most famous rock group in the 1980's.

Until Now Trailer (2014)

30 January 2014

Ton returns to his hometown to marry his girlfriend Tan. But he still have memories about Kaew, a lovely girl next door when he was young that he never told about his feeling to her, until she already gone out of his life without a trace.

Bangkok Sweety Trailer (2011)

29 December 2011

Bangkok Sweety revolves around many love stories that begin on Christmas Eve's night and end on Valentine's night.

The Last Moment Trailer (2008)

19 July 2008

The story of Payu, Fah and Nam, fresh college graduates from the Interior Design faculty. After college, they are faced with important transitions of their lives, which includes career, romance etc.