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The Lustful Vicar Trailer (1970)

29 March 1970

During a witch trial in the seventeenth century a woman is accused of being a witch and burned at the stake.

One Summer of Happiness Trailer (1951)

17 December 1951

Romance between a student and a girl from the countryside.

Gatan Trailer (1949)

27 February 1949

Britt Malm gets hit by a car on a Stockholm street and is taken to hospital. She is badly injured and must undergo surgery.

Starburst in the Breakfast Club Trailer (1950)

04 August 1950

A film version of the popular Swedish radio show "Frukostklubben"

Främlingen från skyn Trailer (1956)

27 February 1956

Young Lo (Marianne Bengtsson) lives in a boring small town. Locally she is known as somewhat of a fabulist.

Åsa-Nisse ordnar allt Trailer (1955)

19 September 1955

Flickan i regnet Trailer (1955)

01 May 1955

Young Anna Rydell comes to a boarding-school for girls. She is very shy and the other girls don't really try to get to know her.

Kråkguldet Trailer (1969)

29 November 1969

Åsa-Nisse på nya äventyr Trailer (1952)

19 September 1952

Åsa-Nisse advertise for Summer guests and from Stockholm arrives Mrs. Niklasson and her atlethic daughter Elsa who is currently training for the olympic games.

100 dragspel och en flicka Trailer (1946)

31 January 1946

Partners Ville and Rulle have developed an improved accordion but competitors try to get their hands on it.

Tull-Bom Trailer (1951)

25 June 1951

Bureacratic customs officer searching for a missing girl.

Dans på rosor Trailer (1954)

09 August 1954

Marianne Molin is the primadonna of the Little Theater who is on the brink of having to close down. The actors and crew is struggling to put up a show to save the theater.

Den Hårda Leken Trailer (1956)

10 September 1956

Like a Swedish version of Raging Bull, this boxing drama follows the poor working-class guy Conny who gets picked up by a ruthless boxing-manager to become a boxer - with all the excitement and problems that comes with that.

Flyg-Bom Trailer (1952)

22 December 1952

The meticulous Fabin Bom is called up for military service in the airforce.

Kungsgatan Trailer (1943)

17 September 1943

Young woman Marta dreams of a better future and leaves her parent's cabbage patch and move to Stockholm.

That's Life Trailer (1962)

09 February 1962

Anita Linbloms breakthrough film.

Hon kom som en vind Trailer (1952)

26 November 1952

Åsa-Nisse i Rekordform Trailer (1969)

19 December 1969

One Fiancé at a Time Trailer (1952)

04 May 1952

Lilian is engaged to engineer Arne. To make him more interested in her, she meets a few other men.

Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen Trailer (1950)

11 September 1950

Nils Nilsson from Åsen, better known as Åsa-Nisse and his friend Klabbarparn goes Moose hunting. As a result of a sabotage, staged by their wives, Åsa-Nisse is accused for hunting with illegal weapons.

Karin Månsdotter Trailer (1954)

01 November 1954

Karin does not belong to the nobility but nevertheless marries the mentally ill king Erik XIV and becomes queen of Sweden.

Tre Dar I Buren Trailer (1963)

26 December 1963

Freddy and Stickan is working at a weapons factory, one day Freddy comes across a key to some secret weapons blueprints.

Lars Hård Trailer (1948)

30 August 1948

Young drifter tells his story in flashback from prison.

Resa i natten Trailer (1955)

30 January 1955

Gösta the lorry driver has a wife at home and girlfriends along the road.

Gröna hissen Trailer (1944)

31 July 1944

Guttersnipes Trailer (1974)

15 November 1974

Poor painter helps a paralysed child.