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Burnt by the Sun 2: Intercession Trailer (2010)

22 April 2010

Epic film about WWII, a sequel to Utomlyonnye solntsem (1994). Evil Stalin is terrorizing people of Russia while the Nazis are advancing.

The Darkest Hour Trailer (2011)

25 December 2011

In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race which has attacked Earth via our power supply.

9th Company Trailer (2005)

19 September 2005

The picture opens in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in late 1988, when military trainees Petrovsky, Ryaba, Chugun, Stas, Pinochet, Lyutev and Vorobyev are whipped into shape at a training camp by the brutal, sadistic commander, Warrant Officer Dygalo - prior to being sent off to the front lines.

Redirected Trailer (2014)

10 January 2014

Four friends become stranded in Eastern Europe and have to become hit men, prostitutes, corrupt cops, smugglers and more to make it home.

1612: Chronicles of the Dark Time Trailer (2007)

28 October 2007

The czar of Russia has died and a power vacuum has developed. This period in the late 16th and early 17th century has been called "The Time of Troubles.

The Last Bottomhole Trailer (2006)

08 August 2006

A drama about a life of ordinary people in a small mining town.

Yana+Yanko Trailer (2017)

30 March 2017

russian family comedy

Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf 3 Trailer (2016)

01 January 2016

The continuation of a funny adventures of the heroes from "Ivan Tsarevich i Seryy Volk" and "Ivan Tsarevich i Seryy Volk 2".

The Book of Masters Trailer (2009)

29 October 2009

A beautiful and kind girl, daughter of Baba Yaga, finds a magical stone Alatyr while walking in a field.

12 Months Trailer (2013)

05 September 2013

Masha Smirnova is a young girl who came to Moscow to conquer the big city. Here she finds a way to make all here wishes come true.

A Habit of Breaking-Up Trailer (2013)

26 September 2013

This is a story about a girl in search of the man of her life... While she tries to find him she asks herself what was the reason of the break ups.

Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf 2 Trailer (2013)

26 December 2013

The continuation of a funny adventures of the heroes from "Ivan Tsarevich i Seryy Volk".

Love with an Accent Trailer (2012)

11 October 2012

A story about love beyond any borders...

Five Brides Trailer (2011)

29 September 2011

May, 1945... A young pilot Aleksey Kaverin stationed in Germany is going home to Russia for vacation.

My Boyfriend an Angel Trailer (2011)

20 December 2011

A young student Saha is in love with... angel.

Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf Trailer (2011)

29 December 2011

New adventures, dangers, and funny situations are waiting for the heroes of Russian fairy tales.

Soulless Trailer (2012)

04 October 2012

It's a story of 29-year-old top-manager Max who is really sure he is absolutely successful. All his life is around earning and spending money.

The Heat Trailer (2006)

28 December 2006

Four good folks from schools got reunion in a summer café on the bank of River Moskva, and they had an unthinkable trouble to deal with check, though one of them is so rich.

Bez Muzhchin Trailer (2011)

01 September 2011

Пассажиры вечернего рейса пристегнули ремни и приготовились к взлету.

A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries Trailer (2010)

02 September 2010

Yuriko, a daughter of Yakudza boss is lost in Russia. Here she finds Alexey - a young man who is trying to help her.

Fairy Tale. There Is Trailer (2012)

13 September 2012

A set of novels about children and their parents.

Six Degrees of Celebration 1914 Trailer (2014)

25 December 2014

100 years ago, the Russian Empire ... Christmas Eve. December plugs, holiday celebrations, balls and modest luxury holidays, titled nobles and ordinary peasants, the royal family and the soldiers of the First World War, progressive poets and the first skaters - everything was different, except .

Six Degrees of Celebration Trailer (2010)

12 December 2010

A collection of several interlinked stories that happen on the New Year's eve...

I Am Trailer (2009)

15 September 2009

The film tells the story of a young Russian in the early 90s, trying to escape the army in a psychiatric clinic.

Breaking Loose Trailer (2014)

08 May 2014

Four best friends. They've been to war, they've seen life, but they are still passionate, young and willing to serve their country.

The One Who Switches Off the Light Trailer (2008)

09 October 2008

Daddy Trailer (2004)

09 September 2004

Based on A. Galych's play "Matrosskaya Tishina", "Papa" tells a story of a Jewish father who dreamed of seeing his son perform on a stage in front of huge audiences, he dreamed of seeing him as the greatest violinist of his time.

Nirvana Trailer (2008)

03 July 2008

Young Alisa is fed up with her life in Moscow, and moves to St. Petersburg. Her roommates in the collective flat are two junkies, Vel and her boyfriend Valera the Dead Man.

Mars Trailer (2004)

11 November 2004

Somewhere deep, deep in Russia there is a town called Marks (named after Karl Marks, founder of Communism theory) where all people are working on toy factory and receiving their wages as toys.

Who, If Not Us Trailer (1998)

06 June 1998

This movie deals with two friends, 13-14 year old boys. One comes from a more or less stable home (although he is growing up with single mom) and another comes from a broken up family.