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Siruthai Trailer (2011)

14 January 2011

Rocket Raja (Karthi) is a small time thief who is talented enough to steal anything he comes across. In the company of Kaatupoochi (Santhanam), he enjoys life to its extent and even falls for the charm of a beautiful girl (Tamannaah).

Hebbuli Trailer (2017)

23 February 2017

A para commando officer faces the most intense challenges of his life.

The Island Trailer (2002)

27 December 2002

Located in the backwaters of a dam, Sita Parvata is an island slowly submerging due to the rains. The government succeeds in evacuating the residents by giving them compensation for the properties they own.

Veeram Trailer (2014)

10 January 2014

A straightforward man, who uses violence to settle disputes, decides to mend his ways for the sake of his lover, but when he learns that her family is in danger, he decides to save them at all cost.

Gethu Trailer (2016)

14 January 2016

A hitman comes to a hill town to plot the murder of a top scientist. A young man and his righteous father stand in his way.

Vajrakaya Trailer (2014)

17 November 2014

Vajrakaya is a 2014 Kannada film directed by Harsha A and produced by C. R. Manohar and C R Gopi. The film stars and Shivaraj Kumar in lead roles.

Meagamann Trailer (2014)

25 December 2014

A cop Arul (Arya) is on an undercover mission to capture the underworld don Jothi (Ashutosh Rana) who runs a smuggling mafia in Goa.

Moondraam Ullaga Por Trailer (2016)

22 January 2016

A patriotic Indian soldier is captured by the rival army, struggles to fight against the torture of his enemies and escape captivity.

Sandamarutham Trailer (2015)

20 February 2015

Sandamarutham is an age old story of an honest cop and his mission against a deadly villain, the only silver lining here is that Sarath Kumar has played both the villain and hero.

Aa Okkadu Trailer (2009)

05 June 2009

Dr. Pavitra (Madhurima) is a psychiatrist who works in a mental hospital. Sri Krishna (Suresh Gopi) is a successful criminal lawyer.

Poi Trailer (2006)

22 December 2006

Valluvanar is an upright political leader in Tamil Nadu much respected for his honesty and uprightness.

Killadi Trailer (2015)

30 January 2015

An angry young man gives refuge to a rich girl, whose arrogant mother is forcing her to marry her rowdy uncle.

Vattaram Trailer (2006)

21 October 2006

Burma (Arya) is the son of a driver (Nassar) in a rich man Gurupadom’s (Napoleon) house. Gurupadom is Burma’s role model and his dream is to be like him.

Aaptharakshaka Trailer (2010)

18 February 2010

The story starts off with an ancient painting of Nagavalli (Vimala Raman), distributed as a prize to bharathanatyam dancer Saraswathi (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy), her husband and her family.

Paramathma Trailer (2011)

05 October 2011

The story of Paramathma focus on the philosophy that those who are very close to heart leave us quickly.

Hrudaya Hrudaya Trailer (1999)

18 July 1999

Hrudaya Hrudaya is a 1999 Kannada film directed by M S Rajashekar and produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar.

Romeo Trailer (2012)

06 July 2012

Tananam Tananam Trailer (2006)

24 November 2006

Tananam Tananam (Kannada: ತನನಂ ತನನಂ) is a 2006 Indian Kannada romantic musical drama film directed and written by Kavitha Lankesh.

Devaru Kotta Tangi Trailer (2009)

11 November 2009

Devaru Kotta Tangi movie is based on the brother-sister sentiment. Shivaraj Kumar and Meera Jasmine are playing the Brother and Sister roles.

Porki Trailer (2010)

28 January 2010

A cop disguises as a gangster in order to capture a mafia leader.

Soundarya Trailer (2007)

20 April 2007

Soundarya film is the upper middle class family story who is an industrialist, his wife and daughter are dragged in the mafia land dealings.

Amrithadhare Trailer (2005)

07 October 2005

Puru (Dhyan) and Amritha (Ramya) are a couple deeply in love with each other. It is a case of opposite poles attracting.

Paramasivan Trailer (2006)

14 January 2006

Subramania Siva (Ajith) is in jail, awaiting the death sentence for killing corrupt and evil members of the police force who had killed his father and sister.

Nanda Trailer (2009)

22 January 2009

Nanda (Shivarajkumar) owns a canteen in the college and given his age and maturity, he is referred to as senior by all the students and they take his advise on various issues.

Kotigobba Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001

A humble auto driver leads a happy and content life with his ambitious siblings. However, his siblings are unaware of their brother's past.

Belli Modagalu Trailer (1992)

12 August 1992

Belli Modagalu is a 1992 Kannada film directed by K V Raju and produced by Govinda G. The film stars Ramesh Aravind, Malashri, Doddanna and Avinash in lead roles.