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Topsy Turvy Trailer (1983)

06 October 1983

An uptight young man and his equally uptight family moves next door to a hedonistic clan, including the beautiful, sexy Topsy, who charms the new neighbor boy Tom.

The Olsen Gang's Last Trick Trailer (1998)

17 December 1998

Egon escapes from the psychiatric ward, where he has been incarcerated since the gang's last coup. Keld and Benny pick him up, and when Egon, as always, is planning the big heist, the Olsen Gang is once again on the move.

The Olsen Gang's Escape over the Fence Trailer (1981)

16 October 1981

As usual, Egon has an ingenious plan. And, as usual, it works just fine until one of the gang members makes some kind of funny error.

The Olsen Gang Sees Red Trailer (1976)

01 October 1976

Egon and the gang are hired to stage a robbery of an antique Chinese vase for an economically challenged baron.

Babette's Feast Trailer (1987)

28 August 1987

The guest, a General at the Swedish court, is not related to the sister, but, as a callow young man, was in love with her, but chose his military career over happiness with her.

Gertrud Trailer (1964)

19 December 1964

Gertrud leaves her unfulfilling marriage to Gustav and takes a lover, composer Erland Jansson.

The Olsen Gang Outta Sight Trailer (1977)

30 September 1977

Egon is starting to be a little forgetful; he forgot the zone number, so he fails to open the strongbox.

The Olsen Gang Runs Amok Trailer (1973)

05 October 1973

When Egon Olsen gets out of Vridlose State Prision once again, his friends Benny and Kjeld do not want to know about his new ingenious plan: they are actually WORKING in a shop! Thus, he has to think of something else to get his hands on the money of some international gangster.

Bedroom Mazurka Trailer (1970)

30 August 1970

Max (Søltoft) is a popular teacher at a public school who needs a new schoolmaster. In an effort to entice him to take the vacated position, the boys hire a stripper to seduce the sexually inexperienced scholar.

The Olsen Gang on the Track Trailer (1975)

26 September 1975

Egon and his two cronies managed to sneak a fortune with them to Spain. Here they live a life in a whirl of pleasures, but they are not truly happy.

The Olsen Gang Goes to War Trailer (1978)

06 October 1978

Some criminal EU ministers plan to turn Denmark into a gigantic fair ground and holiday paradise. Egon gets his hand at some important documents which could both make him rich and take care of Denmark's future.

The Olsen Gang Long Gone Trailer (1981)

26 December 1981

Criminal genius Egon Olsen presents his accomplices Benny and Keld with yet another infallible plan that can only end badly.

Styrmand Karlsen Trailer (1958)

30 October 1958

First mate Knud Karlsen has just received sad news from his girlfriend. On board the ship is also chef Valdemar, sailor Ole, owner's confident son Robert and a whole bunch of eager sailors.

Bedside Head Trailer (1972)

03 March 1972

The young headmaster of a boy's boarding school has decided that due to the virility of his young charges, they are a sort of national treasure.

Bedside Highway Trailer (1972)

15 September 1972

In this Danish sex comedy, precisely opposite goals lead a young official of the Department of Roads and Traffic and all the women of the local village to end up in the sack.

The Last Exploits of the Olsen Gang Trailer (1974)

04 October 1974

The Olsen Gang has finally made it. They are in Mallorca, having fulfilled their dream. Almost, that is.

I kongens klæ'r Trailer (1954)

24 September 1954

Kjeld Petersen plays a merchant who has stolen his clothes when he is out take a dip in the Sound. He stopped by the police, and they find a call to military service in his pocket, after further complications lands him at the barracks, where he came under the loving care of 66 (Dirch compatible) and 65 (Ove Sprogø).

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders Trailer (1979)

26 December 1979

Egon plans to exploit knowledge gained during his latest term of incarceration. By stealing the unmanipulated financial records of DanInvest he obtains the majority of the stocks in the department store Magasin du Nord, just in time for their closing sale.

Bussen Trailer (1963)

04 October 1963

The protagonist is a jovial bus driver, well beloved by his passengers, essentially the whole community around him.

Jeppe på Bjerget Trailer (1981)

16 February 1981

Jeppe på bjerget is a 1981 Danish film directed by Kaspar Rostrup and based on a play by Ludvig Holberg.

The chronic innocence Trailer (1985)

04 October 1985

For Janus his friend Tore is his big ideal: pretty, intelligent and self-confident. Janus is grateful for his friendship even though he is considered the court jester.

Pelle the Conqueror Trailer (1987)

25 December 1987

The end of the 19th century. A boat filled with Swedish emigrants comes to the Danish island of Bornholm.

Love Thy Neighbour Trailer (1967)

01 September 1967

Love Thy Neighbour (Danish: Elsk... din næste!, German: Vergiß nicht deine Frau zu küssen ) is a 1967 Danish-German comedy film directed by Egil Kolstø and starring Walter Giller.

Father of Four: In the Snow Trailer (1954)

01 November 1954

Ib Schønberg is again the kindly father - and now he is crowned "the ideal driver". This means that he can take all his four children to winter holiday in Norway.

The ghost train Trailer (1976)

13 August 1976

Spøgelsestoget (English title: The ghost train) is a 1976 Danish family film directed by Bent Christensen.

The Goldcabbage Family Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

The family Gyldenkål is actually called Iversen, but have changed their name, after numerous problems with the IRS, loan sharks and employers.

It's Nifty in the Navy Trailer (1965)

03 September 1965

It's Nifty in the Navy

The Girl and the Playboy Trailer (1965)

15 October 1965

A millionaire gets amnesia after a hit to the head and now he has to rediscover his past and decide what kind of man he wants to be in the future.

The Poet and the Little Mother Trailer (1959)

06 March 1959

Poeten and Lillemor are making their living on his writing, but the general interest in modern poetry is low and their income very small.

Mor bag rattet Trailer (1965)

05 November 1965

Een pige og 39 sømænd Trailer (1965)

12 November 1965

Den grønne elevator Trailer (1961)

21 August 1961

Hans og Mona beslutter at give deres respektive ægtefælder lidt at tænke over, ved at blive fundet i en kompromitterende situation under en fælles ferie.

The Goldcabbage Family Gets the Vote Trailer (1977)

17 October 1977

Six Kids and the Honeymooners Trailer (1967)

13 October 1967

Erik and Lisbeth are getting married and then honeymoon to Austria. When Mom and Dad need to have another baby, the four small decides to go on the honeymoon as well.

Dyrlægens plejebørn Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

En Dirc Passer Film

Nu stiger den Trailer (1966)

24 August 1966

Folkekomedie frit bygget over den danske opfinder og flypionér Jacob Christian Ellehammers karriere.

Crazy Paradise Trailer (1962)

26 July 1962

Romantic comedy, based on the discovery that eggs from a particular island provide men with great virility and make them irresistible.

Mafiaen - det er osse mig! Trailer (1974)

26 September 1974

Mafiaen, det er osse mig er en dansk komediefilm fra 1974 og en fortsættelse af Mig og Mafiaen. Filmen har manuskript af Lise Nørgaard og er instrueret af Henning Ørnbak.

Pas på ryggen, professor! Trailer (1977)

19 August 1977

Fløjtespilleren Trailer (1953)

18 December 1953

,En række vogne kører over grænsen. Det er cirkus Karla, der efter en dårlig sæson i Tyskland vil forsøge lykken i Danmark.

Wife on vacation Trailer (1967)

28 July 1967

Allan Thorsen er træt af sin kone, men han har svært ved at få sagt at han vil skilles. Derfor arrangerer han en skiferie, hvor hun skal blive forelsket i en anden mand, således at han kan slippe af med hende uden at han selv skal gøre noget.

Takt og tone i himmelsengen Trailer (1972)

04 February 1972

Tre mand frem for en trold Trailer (1967)

24 February 1967

The Girl and the Press Photographer Trailer (1963)

15 February 1963

Bastian and Lene are a good couple, as a journalist and press photographer. They take turns to get ideas for how to get a scoop for the magazine "Tit og Lyt".

Ta' lidt solskin Trailer (1969)

17 October 1969

Det stod i avisen Trailer (1962)

25 September 1962

Kid Gang on the Go Trailer (1971)

10 October 1971

The last day of school before the summer, held farewell to the school year. Hurray a long summer ahead.

Duellen Trailer (1962)

09 February 1962

A sort of forerunner to Hollywood's Boogie Nights (1997), this Danish melodrama is set in the world of strip clubs.

Tine Trailer (1964)

04 September 1964

Danish melodrama about a housemaid struggling to find normalcy and love in the midst of war.

Kidnapping Trailer (1982)

15 October 1982

Based on Bjarne Reuter's 1975 juvenile novel, even broader comedy strokes are employed in the film version, but bright spark Bertram is still at the center of things when a nice but dubious uncle (he has a criminal record) takes all the kids of a working class family, hit with bad luck, away on an outing.

Han, hun, Dirch og Dario Trailer (1962)

23 March 1962

Director Paul Borg (Ebbe Langberg) neglects his young, beautiful wife Marianne (Ghita Nørby). He even forget their wedding day, in favor of a new fast sports car, a beautiful silver-gray Jaguar.

Otto er et næsehorn Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

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South of Tana River Trailer (1963)

20 December 1963

South of Tana River is a 1963 Danish family film directed by Bent Christensen and starring Poul Reichhardt.

Be Dear To Me Trailer (1957)

01 March 1957

The Danish Ingen tid til Kaertegn (Be Dear to Me) is heavily reliant on the appeal of its star, 8-year-old Eva Cohn.

Hold da helt ferie Trailer (1965)

26 December 1965

By buying a caravan hope one father that he and his wife can be alone during the holidays for once . The children have other plans , and mother in law will obviously decline the gift out to be campers - they think ! As luck fickle game comes all five on holiday - and in addition dolls also neighbors the couple home up , and then continue the two neighbors fight their home from the road until svigermor get them reconciled .

Six Kids and Their Uncle Trailer (1966)

30 September 1966

Erik Lund is a child psychologist and defend a doctoral thesis on the subject. His knowledge is at the very theoretical level, and he will be seriously trouble when he for a time has to babysit his sister's six children ranging in age from baby to teenager.

Mig og dig Trailer (1969)

17 February 1969

Oskar Trailer (1962)

12 October 1962

Oskar? That's my driver. And Tina, my maid, must have taken my suitcase with her to the baron - the one my daughter should have been engaged to.

Det gælder livet Trailer (1953)

21 December 1953

Den sidste vinter Trailer (1960)

30 September 1960

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