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Main-Main Cinta Trailer (2006)

23 February 2006

The famous ideal couple of Metrowealth College has been the talk of all students. They are the college idols amongst the students.

Otai Trailer (2007)

13 October 2007

Aiman ​​is married with Azura for 3 years but failed to get the issue. They get pressure from Aiman​​'s father, Tan Sri Mansur, threatening that if they do not get the issue by the end of the year, all property belonging to Tan Sri Mansur will be given to orphans.

Esok Masih Ada Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Successful police officer ASP Zamri fails to build a happy home. His only child succumbs to leukimia and his life falls apart.

Kemarau Cinta Trailer (2005)

05 May 2005

The film revolves around a village boy who returns to his home town, after seeking education in the city, to assist in the village’s development.

Anaknya Sazali Trailer (2000)

29 June 2000

Sazali felt humiliated by his son Farid's behaviour and took steps to lead the boy to a "normal" life by referring him to a psychiatrist and hiring the "Bomoh" to cure him.

Laila Isabella Trailer (2003)

27 March 2003

Laila is a happy go-lucky tomboy and works at a VCD shop, owned by Azam. Secretly, both Azam and Laila are in love with each other but both are loathe to be the first to say it.

Anak Mami Kembali Trailer (2005)

03 November 2005

The film rotates the colorful life of the Piee family that consist of his daughter, Mak Bee (Azan Irdawaty) and two adorable but mischievous grandchildren, Saiful (Saiful Apek) and Ida (Waheeda).

Waris Jari Hantu Trailer (2007)

31 May 2007

Tok Wan Rimau, the custodian of the spiritual tiger, is searching for a female heir to inherit her powers.

Diva Popular Trailer (2004)

24 October 2004

This film tells the story of artist relations upheaval old and new artists. Ena Teteye, a popular artist feels the presence of the defendant with Tasha, a new artist who is getting jumped name.

Amelia Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Amelia acquainted with Fandy. Peters mother Amelia Amelia wants to match with Jeff, son of his cousin, but was stopped by his father.

Sutera Putih Trailer (1996)

21 February 1996

Rin makes singing as a side career, although he has high academic qualifications. His career has come to fruition in which he has made his name as a singer.

Gemerlapan Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Pam intends to sabotage Mimi and her friends participation in a singing competition but Wara spills the beans.

Burung Besi Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

As you heard from its title, its not related to any metal bird in this film but focus on the activity of a black market selling remote flying planes.

Baginda Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Teacher Azian determined to improve his image College which he inherited from his late uncle, especially when he is challenged by Grill Master.

Langit Petang Trailer (1982)

05 February 1982

Hafiz is a young journalist who tries to help his girlfriend, Ruby, to overcome her bad and traumatic childhood experiences.