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99 Kali Rindu Trailer (2013)

08 May 2013

An Islamic romance film about a man who goes on a journey to heal his broken heart after his wife's death.

Potret Mistik Trailer (2005)

10 March 2005

Jeff, a university student, was interested in writing an article about a haunted bungalow for his university bulletin.

Santau Trailer (2009)

09 December 2009

A husband and wife , Nina Halim and co her daughter Tuti live in comfort in a modern Malay village . Halim always a role model among his community as a successful career and a harmonious atmosphere of the household .

Zoo Trailer (2010)

01 July 2010

ZOO is a fantasy comedy film that tells the story of a man named Lan who has a passion for animals. His attitude is 'crazy ' is destructive to himself as often fired.

Magika Trailer (2010)

22 September 2010

Magika is a musical that tells the story of Ayu and Malik, two siblings who are in mourning after the death of their mother.

Badang Trailer (2018)

15 February 2018

Badang is a legendary figure with extreme strength that is well-known in Malaysian folklore. The movie focuses on the character but highlighting him as a superhero instead of just a legendary strongman.

Salam Cinta Trailer (2012)

06 September 2012

story of Amirul, an actor who receives the offer to play an Islamic man. He goes to a village to see for himself how an imam lives so that he can better embody his role.

Duyung Trailer (2008)

06 March 2008

Duyung tells the tale of a young man named Jimmy who has this habit of taking care of the environment.

Flat 3A Trailer (2011)

14 July 2011

FLAT 3A chronicles the frightening experience that Fikah and her boyfriend Anas experience, after Fikah moves to a new home.

Seram Sejuk Trailer (2012)

16 August 2012

story of a rock singer who want to produce a music video of his own but does not have the budget for it.

Minyak Dagu Trailer (2013)

02 January 2013

Azman is determined to get his revenge when his fiancee Emelda breaks off their engagement to marry another man.

Lady Boss Trailer (2005)

02 June 2005

Sheila is the spoilt daughter of Dato Ismail. Ever since she was young she always got what she wanted and now, tired by her attitude, her father offers her a challenge; run his company for two months.

3, 2, 1 Cinta Trailer (2011)

16 June 2011

Sam (Diana Amir) is a young girl who dresses and acts like a tomboy. Recently she enrolled in a college to further her studies.

7 Petala Cinta Trailer (2012)

15 March 2012

Hamka is a graduate from University Al-Azhar who is engaged to the daughter of his teacher, Saidatul Nafisah, before migrating to Yemen to further his studies.

Kuliah Cinta Trailer (2004)

29 January 2004

A romantic comedy about teenage life on campus. It tells the story of the friendship that develops between Jojo (Johana) and Faramy, since they were kids all the way through college.

Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap Trailer (2012)

09 February 2012

A horror comedy about a couple, Aminah dan Hussin, who decide to pay a visit to their hometown with their three children, Azri, Epul dan Rina.

Otai Trailer (2007)

13 October 2007

Aiman ​​is married with Azura for 3 years but failed to get the issue. They get pressure from Aiman​​'s father, Tan Sri Mansur, threatening that if they do not get the issue by the end of the year, all property belonging to Tan Sri Mansur will be given to orphans.

Mantra Trailer (2010)

14 July 2010

This story starts in a cemetery where Muzir is betrayed by Hasbi who wins over Muzir's wife. Hasbi is to be jailed for life.

Keramat Trailer (2012)

12 January 2012

Zul Suphian is Habib, who is wrongly accused of raping Mustika (Diana Amir) that he was beaten by the villagers led by Mustika's own brother, Jabar (Alex Yanz).