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De Puerto Rico para el mundo Trailer (2016)

04 December 2016

On the Puerto Rican diaspora, which includes renowned artists who have converted New York, Florida, Chicago, Hawaii, Santa Cruz and Dominican Republic into their second home, but with Puerto Rico in their hearts.

Cuba y Puerto Rico Son... Trailer (2015)

04 December 2015

Reflects on the similarities between Puerto Rico and Cuba in musical, cultural, and physical terms. A journey through these two Caribbean countries will transport the viewer to enjoy both music and beautiful landscapes.

Qué lindo es Puerto Rico Trailer (2014)

07 December 2014

A musical journey through the genres that developed in different regions of the island and are now part of the Puerto Rican culture.

El espíritu de un pueblo Trailer (1994)

04 December 1994

Presentation of popular and folk music by Puerto Rican composers which aims to exemplify the national characteristics, values, and identify of its people.

Música en tiempos Trailer (2013)

01 December 2013

This production pays tribute to songs that have endured the test of time.

Hecho con sabor a Puerto Rico Trailer (2012)

02 December 2012

Celebrates the culture and traditions of Puerto Rico and Latin America.

¡Sonó, Sonó… Tite Curet! Trailer (2011)

04 December 2011

Homage to Puerto Rican composer Catalino Curet Alonso, or as his friends and fans call him, "Tite", representing how widely influential the composer remains.

Guitarra Mía: A Tribute To José Feliciano Trailer (2000)

13 December 2000

Dedicated to the legendary Puerto Rican singer and guitarist, the film is a narrative about José Feliciano's remarkable life and prolific musical career as the first crossover Latin artist in the United States.

Lo mejor de nuestra música popular: 15 años de éxitos Trailer (2007)

02 December 2007

The film includes highlights of the Banco Popular's music specials, whose production started in 1993.

Salsa: un homenaje a El Gran Combo Trailer (2010)

05 December 2010

A tribute to the iconic mega salsa band, Puerto Rico's own, El Gran Combo.

Palés y la rumba de esquina Trailer (2009)

06 December 2009

A musical tribute to Puerto Rican poet, Luis Palés Matos. His poems are set to Caribbean and Latin American rhythms, including drums, guitars, and melodies.

Eco Trailer (2008)

07 December 2008

Andrés is a nine year old boy musician who plays the treble. On the way to a recital with his parents and in the midst of endless traffic, he tries to practice the melody he’ll be playing.

Roots Trailer (2001)

10 December 2001

Filmed in Puerto Rico and the Bronx, this documentary pays homage to two forms of traditional Puerto Rican music: la bomba and la plena.

Queridos Reyes Magos Trailer (2005)

29 November 2005

Christmas Musical Special from Banco Popular that presents many Christmas traditions from Puerto Rico.

Viva navidad Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

This musical production completes the trilogy dedicated to Christmas which began in 2004. This musical approach is characterized by the integration of contemporary rhythms such as reggaeton with traditional sounds, leading the viewer to experience new aspects in music.

En mi país Trailer (2004)

05 December 2004

The illusion and joy of Christmas arrives from the four cardinal points of Latin America. The film recreates a typical Christmas party with Puerto Rican and Latin American artists, whom convey how Christmas is celebrated in their countries.

Somos un solo pueblo Trailer (1995)

03 December 1995

Presents a bit of the history of the migration of our people, people who came out opening new horizons and looking for new destinations.

Encuentro Trailer (2002)

08 December 2002

The social vision of the lives of three Hispanic singer-songwriters who enjoy the favor of Puerto Rican public and Latin America is presented: Rubén Blades, Juan Luis Guerra, and Robi Draco Rosa.

Ocho Puertas Trailer (2003)

07 December 2003

Ocho Puertas is a popular Puerto Rican club where many of the future musical talents of Puerto Rico were first showcased, and given a chance to succeed.

Romance del cumbanchero: la música de Rafael Hernández Trailer (1998)

06 December 1998

Homage to the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández.

Con la música por dentro: cien años de historia Trailer (1999)

05 December 1999

Through music, the world has learn about our sensibility, our happiness... in one word, our soul. This video presents the history of Puerto Rican music throughout 100 years.

Siempre piel canela: la música de Bobby Capó Trailer (1997)

07 December 1997

Homage to famed 1950’s Puerto Rican singer, composer, and television personality Bobby Capó.

Un pueblo que canta Trailer (1993)

03 December 1993

Homage to Puerto Rican composers, musicians, and singers.

La música de Rafael Hernández Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

Homage to the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández.

Retrato de una travesía: Jack Delano Trailer (1997)

02 January 1997

The life and art of Ukrainian-born Puerto Rican photographer and artist Jack Delano.

Al compás de un sentimiento: la música de Pedro Flores Trailer (1996)

08 December 1996

The music of the Puerto Rican composer Pedro Flores which was televised on Dec. 8, 1996.