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Father of the Bride Trailer (1991)

20 December 1991

George Banks is an ordinary, middle-class man whose 21 year-old daughter Annie has decided to marry a man from an upper-class family, but George can't think of what life would be like without his daughter.

Trancers Trailer (1984)

07 November 1984

Angel City trooper Jack Deth is sent back in time from 2247 to 1985 L.A. to inhabit the body of his ancestor.

Just Write Trailer (1997)

01 March 1997

A Hollywood tour bus driver poses as a screenwriter to romance an up-and-coming young actress.

Counsellor at Law Trailer (1933)

25 December 1933

Successful attorney has his Jewish heritage and poverty-stricken background brought home to him when he learns his wife has been unfaithful.