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Fanny Hill Trailer (1983)

15 July 1983

Happily engaged to her handsome fiance, Charles, Fanny is soon hit with one misfortune after another until she is forced to become a prostitute to survive.

Prey Trailer (1978)

05 October 1978

The day after a weird green light is seen in the English sky, a strange young man stops at the country home of two lesbian housemates.

Spaced Out Trailer (1979)

01 July 1979

Low-budget aliens (three nice-looking women and a gay computer voice-over) crash-land in England and abduct four earthlings.

The Ups and Downs of a Handyman Trailer (1976)

31 October 1976

A young handyman and his wife move to a small village and set up business. There, the handyman encounters numerous strange characters, including a local constable more inept than a squad car full of Keystone Kops; an elderly magistrate whose primary passion is spanking young women; a schoolmistress with a closetful of kinks; and more predatory housewives than the young man can handle.

Lady Oscar Trailer (1979)

03 March 1979

Oscar Fran├žois de Jarjayes was born female, but her father insisted she be raised as a boy as he had no sons.

Rendezvous in Paris Trailer (1982)

11 December 1982

No overview found.

The Corruption of Chris Miller Trailer (1973)

17 May 1973

A serial killer uses a scythe to slash his murder victims--or maybe it's *her* murder victims?

Romance on the Orient Express Trailer (1985)

04 March 1985

Lily, an American traveling on the famous Orient Express train from Venice to Paris, suddenly runs into her former lover, Alex, whom they met and had a tender romance 10 years earlier while vacationing in France which ended abruptly when he walked out on her without saying a word.

The Last Days of Pompeii Trailer (1984)

06 May 1984

This costume series portrays aspects of life in Pompeii, a coastal luxury resort near Naples catering for the very rich of imperial Rome, mainly before but culminating in the eruption of the Vesuvian volcano, which wipes it from the face of the earth.