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Off Track Trailer (2017)

05 April 2017

On a journey through South America with two friends Luuk, mid-twenties, has the time of his life, untill he is confronted with the rough reality off the beaten track of the backpacker trails.

Cas Trailer (2016)

25 September 2016

Pepijn and George’s steady, seven-year relationship is shaken up after they allow a young student named Cas to sleep on their couch until he finds a place of his own.

Vast Trailer (2011)

25 September 2011

Isabel, a teenage girl, is being admitted in a closed institution for juveniles. After an incident where she ends up in solitary confinement, she promises to change herself.

T.I.M. Trailer (2014)

08 January 2014

Nine-year-old Tibor has only one friend: his outdated house robot T.I.M. When his father trades his robot in for a newer version Tibor manages to save his friend from dismantlement and undertakes an epic journey to the only person who can repair T.

In het niets Trailer (2013)

28 September 2013

With Your Pretty Hair Trailer (2009)

28 September 2009

After a night out with friends, a couple misses the subway home by a whisker. Another man misses his train.

Arash Trailer (2012)

01 September 2012

The refugee Matthew wait in the outfit centre schiphol East for its flight to Sudan. If that of but,g