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TRON: Legacy Trailer (2010)

10 December 2010

Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy and daring son of Kevin Flynn, investigates his father's disappearance and is pulled into The Grid.

Camouflage Trailer (2001)

09 January 2001

Marty Mackenzie is an unsuccessful stage actor who takes an interest in private investigating. He takes a job working with Jack Potter, a crusty private eye.

Stone Fox Trailer (1987)

30 March 1987

Little Willy must win a dog sled race in order to save his grandfather's cattle ranch.

The Devil's Daughter Trailer (1973)

09 January 1973

A young girl whose mother had sold her soul to Satan when she was born is told by Satan that she must marry a fellow demon.

Ritual of Evil Trailer (1970)

23 February 1970

A psychiatrist investigates the death of one of his patients, a young heiress.

His Highness Hollywood Trailer (2008)

20 September 2008

Ian Halperin poses as a gay wannabe actor and member of the Israeli royal family to get an inside look at the Hollywood industry in this companion film to his well-received book, Hollywood Undercover: Revealing the Sordid Secrets of Tinseltown.

Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper Trailer (1984)

16 September 1984

Miami Vice cop Sonny Crockett is working undercover to get a Columbian drug lord. When he tries to bust a man who is apparently in business with the Columbian he discovers that the man is New York cop who is also after the Columbian.

Murder in Music City Trailer (1979)

16 January 1979

A songwriter buys a detective agency as a tax shelter, but stumbles into a real case when a dead body turns up in suite he and his new bride are staying in.

Women in Chains Trailer (1972)

25 January 1972

1972 ABC Movie of the Week. Lady parole officer goes undercover to investigate prison brutality, but is trapped when the only person on the outside who knows why she's there is killed.

Blackout Trailer (1978)

25 August 1978

A black comedy of violent criminals who terrorize apartment dwellers during New York's 1977 power blackout.

Bare Essence Trailer (1982)

04 October 1982

A T.V. show along the lines of a soap opera which centers on one young woman, Tiger Hayes, as she starts up a perfume company.

Letters from Three Lovers Trailer (1973)

03 October 1973

Three letters, whose delivery has been delayed by a year, change the lives of the people to whom they were addressed.

Spooky Town Trailer (1999)

16 February 1999

When a sixteen year-old boy and his two young siblings set off on a quest to find their missing parents, their search leads them to a ghost town in the middle of the desert.

The Bravos Trailer (1972)

09 January 1972

The commander of an isolated frontier cavalry post tries to stop an Indian war and find his son, who has been kidnapped.

Jim Henson's Tales From Muppetland Trailer (2009)

28 July 2009

A compilation of Jim Henson's fairy tale adaptations including condensed versions of Tales of the Tinkerdee, Hey Cinderella and The Frog Prince, as well as excerpts from Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.

Tell Me That You Love Me Trailer (1983)

02 August 1983

Comedy directed by Tzipi Trope.

Hey, Cinderella! Trailer (1969)

07 August 1969

Hey Cinderella! is a one-hour Jim Henson special which tells a cracked version of the classic fairy tale, " Cinderella".

Silent Madness Trailer (1984)

26 October 1984

A homicidal maniac is accidentally released from a hospital because of a computer error and heads to the site (a sorority) of his past murders to continue his penchant for mayhem.

Ramblin Man 2 Trailer (1999)

09 June 1999

Memphis to New Orleans an adventure of murder and revenge. Reed and is good ole' buddy hit the trail in search of revenger for the murder of a friend.

The Todd Killings Trailer (1971)

20 October 1971

Based on the true story of '60s thrill-killer Charles Schmidt ("The Pied Piper of Tucson"), Skipper Todd (Robert F.

The Other Side of the Mountain Trailer (1975)

14 November 1975

A female skiing champion is paralyzed in a tragic skiing accident. Her girlfriend is taken out of competition when she contracts polio.

Uncommon Valor Trailer (1983)

22 January 1983

The pilot for an unsold weekly series, Uncommon Valor stresses the courage and resourceful of a team of firefighters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stone Cold Dead Trailer (1979)

14 September 1979

No overview found.

Breaking Point Trailer (1976)

02 June 1976

The Mafia tries to take revenge against a man who testified against them in court.

The Other Side of the Mountain: Part II Trailer (1978)

10 February 1978

The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2 is a 1978 film directed by Larry Peerce. It stars Marilyn Hassett and Timothy Bottoms.