Most Popular Bengaru Trailers

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Godzilla 2000: Millennium Trailer (1999)

11 December 1999

Godzilla saves Tokyo from a flying saucer that transforms into the beast Orga.

Oba: The Last Samurai Trailer (2011)

11 February 2011

In 1944, the American military lands on the shores of Saipan. Refusing to commit suicide with his superiors or be forced into camps for prisoners of war, Captain Oba Sakae leads a group of his men and other similarly minded local residents into the mountains.

The Shogunate's Harem Trailer (1986)

14 June 1986

A new shogun is appointed to the throne when his brother dies. He find out that the former Shogun one of the women from his brothers harem became pregnant, but she escaped.

The Discarnates Trailer (1988)

15 September 1988

Harada is a successful scenario writer, and his best buddy has just announced an intention to propose to Harada's ex-wife.

Dangerous Cops Again Trailer (1988)

02 July 1988

Detectives Takayama and Oshita participate in a major drug bust which arouses suspicion that the government may be secretly involved.

See You Tomorrow, Everyone Trailer (2013)

26 January 2013

After Satoru Watarai graduated from elementary school, he dropped out of school and decided to live within his apartment complex, never to venture outside.

The Reason Trailer (2004)

18 December 2004

Four people are discovered brutally murdered in an up-scale high-rise apartment. All the victims appear to be family, but as the investigation deepens it is discovered that one of the victims isn't related to the family.

The Metropolitan Police Branch 82 Trailer (1998)

24 July 1998

Two mismatched policewomen are assigned to guard and observe a released prisoner who has connections with a women-only gang who are suspected of counterfeiting.

Paradise Trailer (2006)

28 January 2006

Set in a rural fishing village in southern Japan, this is the story of Erika, a celebrated former anchorwoman now back in her hometown campaigning for a seat in the national party, and Yohei, an insecure fisherman-in-training.

The Code Trailer (2008)

18 October 2008

For 60 years, the group of detectives known as "Detective Office 5" has raised the bar for detective work.

Dance till Tomorrow Trailer (1991)

22 June 1991

Live action adaption of Naoki Yamamoto's romantic comedy manga series.

The Rocking Horsemen Trailer (1992)

31 October 1992

It is 1965. High-school student Takeyoshi Fujiwara Yasufumi Hayashi) hears "Pipeline" by the Ventures, and is mesmerized by their unique sound.

Capone Cries a Lot Trailer (1985)

16 February 1985

Umiemon is a naniwa-bushi singer who travels with his wife to the United States in hopes of achieving fame and fortune.

Bloom in the Moonlight "The Story of Rentaro Taki" Trailer (1993)

21 August 1993

A dying pianist composes one final song for his childhood friend.

Closing Time Trailer (1996)

01 February 1996

A down-and-out scriptwriter spends his days and nights in the bars of Tokyo. When he is thrown out of a joint because it is closing time, there is always a willing lady to spend the rest of the night with.

The Yen Family Trailer (1988)

14 May 1988

Comedy about a family and their obsession for making money.

Beijing Watermelon Trailer (1989)

18 November 1989

Dangerous Cops Trailer (1987)

12 December 1987

When a doctor is found dead and the company's exclusive data on a cancer drug is missing, detective Takayama and Oshita are called to the Nakamitsu pharmaceutical laboratory.

Haruka, Nosutarujii Trailer (1993)

20 February 1993

Ayase Shinsuke (Hiroshi Katsuno), a popular writer of a series of girl novels, visits Otaru, the town he grew up in.

Savage City: Angel Whisper Trailer (1991)

26 April 1991

A corrupt cop teams up with an unlikely partner, his latest arrestee - a hitman to protect the city from a gang of ruthless drug addicts.

Let's Go to the Hospital Trailer (1990)

07 April 1990

When a hard-driving copywriter (Hiroyuki Sanada) discovers his comely wife (Keiko Saito) is involved in a scintillating game of strip rock-paper-scissors with some guy clad only in a pair of boxer shorts and Mickey Mouse ears, he is less than happy.

Delivery of Death Trailer (2014)

30 May 2014

Memories of You Trailer (1988)

05 March 1988

University student Akira meets the lovely 14-year-old Yumi, whom he had tutored years ago. Her mother is told by her doctor that the schoolgirl has leukaemia and has only 6 months to live.

Fly, Dakota, Fly! Trailer (2013)

05 October 2013

Flarella Trailer (2010)

01 October 2010

The experiences of a woman as she passes through several life stages.

Kekkon Annai Mystery Trailer (1985)

15 June 1985

A 19-year-old girl Hiroko Terasawa working in a matching agency promises her client Masakazu Sekine that she'll pose as his fiancée for a remarkable cash reward.

The Tomb & the Divorce Trailer (1993)

31 July 1993

Yoshinori, sells plots of land in a cemetary, and is involved in a stale 10 year old marriage withbored housewife, Atsuko.

Nejirin bou Trailer (2004)

27 November 2004

A woman as the main character, love and friendship, and one of the

Madamada Abunai Deka Trailer (2005)

22 October 2005

Chizuko's Younger Sister Trailer (1991)

10 May 1991

Chizuko and Mika are sisters who get along very well, and have a good relationship, but one day Chizuko dies unexpectedly in an accident.