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Il débute au cinéma dès 1967 et obtient très vite un premier rôle dès 1969 dans Du soleil plein les yeux de Michel Boisrond. Son premier grand rôle est celui de Jean-Paul Boursault, fils d'Annie Girardot et frère de Claude Jade dans Les Feux de la Chandeleur en 1972. Depuis la fin des années 1970, il va surtout se consacrer à la télévision. Il est au générique de nombreux téléfilms et séries télévisées, notamment Une famille formidable, Les Grandes Marées,Les Steenfort, maîtres de l'orge. En 2011 et 2013, il incarne Jacques Chirac pour deux productions différentes, au cinéma et à la télévision. Il a reçu trois nominations aux Césars du Cinéma.

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Joyeux Noël Trailer (2005)

09 November 2005

In 1914, World War I, the bloodiest war ever at that time in human history, was well under way. However on Christmas Eve, numerous sections of the Western Front called an informal, and unauthorized, truce where the various front-line soldiers of the conflict peacefully met each other in No Man's Land to share a precious pause in the carnage with a fleeting brotherhood.

Caché Trailer (2005)

02 May 2005

A married couple is terrorized by a series of videotapes planted on their front porch.

Capital Trailer (2012)

14 November 2012

The head of a giant European investment bank desperately clings to power when an American hedge fund company tries to buy them out.

The Flower of Evil Trailer (2003)

09 February 2003

Three generations of a wealthy Bordeaux family are caught in the crossfire when Anne decides to run for mayor, thanks to a political pamphlet that revives an old murder scandal.

Black Box Trailer (2005)

02 November 2005

An accident survivor wakes from a coma and confronts old, uncomfortable memories.

My Man Trailer (1996)

31 January 1996

In Lyon, where many are unemployed, Marie is a prostitute who loves her work: she's thoughtful and exuberant toward clients old and young, slim or flabby.

Cesar and Rosalie Trailer (1972)

26 October 1972

Claude Sautet's romantic drama stars Romy Schneider as Rosalie, a beautiful young woman involved with successful businessman Cesar (Yves Montand).

Van Gogh Trailer (1991)

30 October 1991

In late spring, 1890, Vincent moves to Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris, under the care of Dr. Gachet, living in a humble inn.

Three Men to Destroy Trailer (1980)

31 October 1980

A man helps the victim of an auto accident, not realizing that the man has actually been shot. The men who shot him are now after the man who helped him, in order to eliminate him as a potential witness.

The School of Flesh Trailer (1998)

18 November 1998

In Paris, Dominique, a middle-aged fashion professional, solicits the services of the handsome Quentin , a bisexual bartender and prostitute who is 15 years her junior.

C'est beau la vie quand on y pense Trailer (2017)

12 April 2017

The Conquest Trailer (2011)

18 May 2011

A look at French president Nicolas Sarkozy's rise to power.

Rose & Noir Trailer (2009)

04 November 2009

En 1577, Pic Saint Loup, grand couturier sur le déclin, se voit confier par le roi Henri III, une mission diplomatique : il doit confectionner sa plus belle robe de cérémonie pour le mariage arrangé d'un de ses neveux avec la fille d'un Grand d'Espagne.

The Bridesmaid Trailer (2004)

17 November 2004

A hard-working young man meets and falls in love with his sister's bridesmaid. He soon finds out how disturbed she really is.

Rouge sang Trailer (2014)

12 November 2014

Mariage Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

Facteur chance Trailer (2009)

29 March 2009

The Burned Barns Trailer (1973)

30 May 1973

The body of a young woman is discovered near a farm. The judge Larcher is in charge and thinks that the farmers (Rose and Pierre) have a link with the murder.

Birgitt Haas Must Be Killed Trailer (1981)

02 September 1981

"Hangar" is a new agency whose purpose is to carry out missions even too sensitive for the police or intelligence services.

Se souvenir des belles choses Trailer (2001)

24 August 2001

Heads or Tails Trailer (1980)

30 August 1980

Since his wife died, Inspector Louis Baroni (Philippe Noiret) has become a virtual recluse, preferring the solitude of his quiet house to the company of others.

Nearest to Heaven Trailer (2002)

20 November 2002

People and life can be cruel, and in their face, Fannette is cool: toward an old acquaintance, to her daughter, to colleagues.

Captain Conan Trailer (1996)

16 October 1996

Bulgaria near the end of World War I: Conan, warrior and wolf, leads a band of 50 ruthless French fighters who love hand-to-hand combat.

C'est Dur Pour Tout Le Monde Trailer (1975)

18 June 1975

Au revoir... et à bientôt! Trailer (2015)

29 June 2015

Le goût du partage Trailer (2013)

03 December 2013

The Year After Trailer (2007)

07 February 2007

Emmanuelle lives in the suburbs near a shopping mall. Since her father's death, she feels increasingly out of sync with the world around her.

Vive la bombe! Trailer (2007)

17 March 2007

30 avril 1962. La guerre d'Algérie est terminée depuis deux mois, mais Charles de Gaulle a négocié avec le FLN lors des accords d'Évian la poursuite d'essais atomiques dans le désert du Sahara.

Une vie française Trailer (2011)

14 September 2011

Vent mauvais Trailer (2007)

10 February 2007

Le Président, sa femme et moi ! Trailer (2010)

24 June 2010

Times Have Been Better Trailer (2006)

24 October 2006

After moving in with his beau, 30ish banker Jérémy (Arnaud Binard) decides to let the cat out of the bag, telling his unsuspecting parents, Guy (Bernard Le Coq) and Rosine (Charlotte de Turckheim), that he's gay.

Frère & soeur Trailer (2012)

03 November 2012

Comment va la douleur? Trailer (2011)

13 May 2011

Why (Not) Brazil? Trailer (2004)

15 September 2004

A film director, whose career is going downhill, reluctantly decides to adapt an inadaptable best selling novel.

La dernière campagne Trailer (2013)

17 April 2013

Féroce Trailer (2002)

17 April 2002

Le bonheur des Dupré Trailer (2011)

03 October 2011

La taule Trailer (2000)

12 January 2000

Une cible dans le dos Trailer (2011)

19 February 2011

Aveugle mais pas trop Trailer (2009)

14 September 2009

Bouge! Trailer (1997)

25 June 1997

Hearth Fires Trailer (1972)

24 May 1972

No overview found.

Un fils de notre temps Trailer (2003)

09 January 2003

Us Two Trailer (1979)

23 May 1979

Françoise has gone into business seducing men whose wives want to divorce them, and who need incriminating evidence against them.

S.A.C. : Des hommes dans l'ombre Trailer (2005)

29 November 2005

Tender Moment Trailer (1968)

20 December 1968

Un couple modèle Trailer (2001)

11 June 2001

Une Ferrari pour deux Trailer (2002)

03 April 2002

Une villa pour deux Trailer (2003)

05 November 2003

Un Ange Trailer (2001)

20 June 2001

Le Concierge Trailer (1973)

23 August 1973

The Cane of My Father Trailer (2000)

05 August 2000

A story of a big family living in French countryside between First and second world wars.

The Medic Trailer (1979)

26 October 1979

The film is set in a modern war, probably between a European country and a country in the Far East. Behind the battle lines, in a medical unit, a surgeon falls in love with an idealistic nurse after an initially difficult meeting.

Chaussette surprise Trailer (1978)

14 June 1978

Tout le monde peut se tromper Trailer (1983)

10 February 1983

Jeans Tonic Trailer (1984)

23 May 1984

Like a Pot of Strawberries Trailer (1974)

11 September 1974

Eyes Full of Sun Trailer (1970)

24 April 1970

Vincent, a twenty-five year-old intern, lives in Rennes with his mother and his eighteen-year-old brother Bernard.

Un pasota con corbata Trailer (1981)

03 February 1981