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Persona Trailer (1966)

18 October 1966

A young nurse, Alma, is put in charge of Elisabeth Vogler: an actress who is seemingly healthy in all respects, but will not talk.

Sawdust and Tinsel Trailer (1953)

14 September 1953

On a gray morning, a circus caravan arrives in the town where Albert the ringmaster's family lives. He hasn't seen them for three years and has taken a mistress, the young and buxom Anne.

Miss Julie Trailer (1951)

28 June 1951

Based on the play by August Strindberg, Miss Julie vividly depicts the battle of the sexes and classes that ensues when Julie, a wealthy businessman's daughter, falls for Jean, her father's bitter servant.

Girl with Hyacinths Trailer (1950)

06 March 1950

Dagmar Brink, a young female pianist, commits suicide in her Stockholm apartment. She leaves all her belongings to her next-door neighbours, an author and his wife.

Örlogsmän Trailer (1943)

25 January 1943

The trio Erik, Arne and Ingrid have been friends since childhood, the two boys always competing for the affection of Ingrid.

Mannekäng i rött Trailer (1958)

19 December 1958

A model is murdered at a famous fashion house and the Hillmans start to investigate. Kajsa Hillman is employed as a model and discovers that several people had motives to kill her.

En sjöman i frack Trailer (1942)

22 February 1942

First mate Karlsson is mistaken for famous actor Linde.

Fridolf Sticker Opp! Trailer (1958)

25 August 1958

Damen i svart Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

The married detective couple John and Kajsa Hillman goes on a vacation to Holmfors mill where a friend of Kajsa's lives with her husband.

Banketten Trailer (1948)

18 December 1948

Jacob Cotten is a rich banker, quickly approaching his 60th birthday. He is concerned that none of his sons are willing to or able to take any responsibility of the bank.

Doctor Glas Trailer (1968)

12 June 1968

Doktor Glas finds himself attracted to a young woman, married to a corrupt clergyman. She's miserable in her marriage, so he agrees to help in anyway he can.

Rosen på tistelön Trailer (1945)

05 August 1945

Smuggler's daughter fall in love with the son of a customs inspector.

Åsa-Nisse på Mallorca Trailer (1962)

31 August 1962

Lille Fridolf Och Jag Trailer (1956)

29 October 1956

Vårat gäng Trailer (1942)

02 February 1942

A gang of friends lose their club house and collect money for a new one by singing in public.

Ryttare i blått Trailer (1959)

16 October 1959

When private eye John Hillman is on assignment in London his wife Kajsa visits the Army's riding school at Strömsholm, Sweden.

Interlude Trailer (1946)

11 February 1946

The Swedish doctor of literature Vilhelm Canitz arrive to Lugano in Italy for a few weeks stay at a medical clinic.

När mörkret faller Trailer (1960)

26 December 1960

A criminal mystery at a rectory in the countryside where everyone is a suspect.

Kajan går till sjöss Trailer (1943)

26 December 1943

Kajan, a young boy, spends the summer with his friends working on a barge, earning extra money in the ports with their song and dance number.

Maj på Malö Trailer (1947)

22 October 1947

A con artist arrives to a small island to swingle money from the fishermen.

Den vita katten Trailer (1950)

25 December 1950

A man comes to Stockholm's central station. He does not know who he is or where he has been. He has some keys and a phone number.

Puck heter jag Trailer (1951)

05 March 1951

Romance blossoms between single seamstress Puck and the art critic, Roger. He is engaged to Elsa, whose wedding dress Puck is involved with designing.

När Bengt och Anders bytte hustrur Trailer (1950)

23 December 1950

Two neighbours, each with a small plot of land, hate each other. Both are dissatisfied with his wife.

Jungfrun på Jungfrusund Trailer (1949)

27 October 1949

Spoiled upper class girl must change places with a housemaid.

Karin Månsdotter Trailer (1954)

01 November 1954

Karin does not belong to the nobility but nevertheless marries the mentally ill king Erik XIV and becomes queen of Sweden.

Rospiggar Trailer (1942)

03 September 1942

A lonely fisherman drowns and his elderly brother Efraim is left to do an inventory of the estate. He discovers that his brother had a son, Karl-Erik.

Siska Trailer (1962)

26 December 1962

A young woman struggles with life, love and career. She is courted by a young man but is unwilling to enter into a relationship if it means limiting her freedom.

I Slew Trailer (1943)

26 October 1943

Hospital drama of a doctor who thinks that he killed a patient on the operating table.

Fridolfs Farliga Ålder Trailer (1959)

28 September 1959

Hjärter Knekt Trailer (1950)

18 September 1950

Lieutenant Anders Canitz is a womanizer and gambler from the upper class. He has spent all of heritage and tries to get to his sister's money by engaging her to invest in a shady business project he is involved in.

Lille Fridolf Blir Morfar Trailer (1957)

02 September 1957

Kan doktorn komma? Trailer (1942)

21 December 1942

A rural doctor in the north of Sweden must travel for hours to his patients. When a young woman has a serious case of appendicitis the doctor must bring her on a dangerous trek downriver to reach the clinic.