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Memorial Land Trailer (2012)

01 July 2012

In the decade since the events of 9/11/2001, the United States has been engaged in a national act of memorial making.

Uranus Trailer (2010)

01 July 2010

A spaceman escapes his home world because it'd become a big drag. On Uranus, he finds that life is strange and wonderful.

Chicago Corner Trailer (2009)

01 July 2009

I lived around the corner from the Henry Horner Homes. I once read an article about the place in the New York Times.

The Other Side Trailer (2006)

01 July 2006

Rooted in the true sense of "independent" in voice and image, The Other Side is a personal essay documentary imbued with magical landscapes and searing observations softly spoken during the director's cinematic trek along the United States-Mexican border.

Buffalo Common Trailer (2002)

05 June 2002

As its nuclear missile silos get blown-up, North Dakota scratches its head and wonders what’s next.

Roswell Trailer (1994)

01 July 1994

"Bill Brown's Roswell...takes a fanciful...look at the supposed crash of a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, an 'event' UFO types cite to this day as evidence of a massive government cover-up.

Mountain State Trailer (2003)

15 April 2003

A short historical-landscape film, directed by Bill Brown.

Kustom Kamera Kommandos Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

KUSTOM KAMERA KOMMANDOS (with an obvious nod to Kenneth Anger) is a short about the joy of filmmaking produced for the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Confederation Park Trailer (1999)

16 April 1999

An landscape film concerning location (Montréal, St. John, Regina, and Vancouver), narration, history, and the personal role of the director in the formation of audiovisual art.

Hub City Trailer (1997)

24 August 1997

HUB CITY is a short about Lubbock, Texas, the home of Buddy Holly. It is also about trajectories of death and small towns in general.