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Birgit Schuurman is a Dutch rock singer and actress.

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Black Out Trailer (2012)

25 January 2012

After ruthless gangsters wrongfully accuse him of stealing from them, a retired criminal has 24 hours to creep back into his past life and retrieve a bag of coke before his fiancée is killed.

Painkillers Trailer (2014)

25 September 2014

Casper (Gijs Blom) has never met his father and lives alone with his mother Marit (Birgit Schuurman)¦

Soof 2 Trailer (2016)

08 December 2016

After her marriage comes undone, Soof has to re-invent herself and get her tumultuous life back on track.

Ballast Trailer (2012)

29 September 2012

Between the rural green meadows and pink cakes guests gather for a romantic wedding. Master of ceremonies Ellen tries to make this an unforgettable day, but gets entangled in the monkeyshine of her half sister, the infidelity of her husband, the first love of her daughter, the antics of her mother and the ropes of a hot airballoon.

Lotus Trailer (2011)

13 October 2011

Uilenbal Trailer (2016)

12 October 2016

Skirt Day Trailer (2016)

10 March 2016

Every spring, there comes a day when women appear on the streets wearing skirts. Love is in the air on skirt day and the film follows sixteen colourful characters who attend a ‘Cooking Class for Singles.

Bros Before Hos Trailer (2013)

05 December 2013

Because of a bad marriage of their parents, two brothers Jules and Max made a pact never to get into a relationship with a woman.

Floris Trailer (2004)

16 December 2004

De Eetclub Trailer (2010)

25 November 2010

Karen (32) and Michel (36) move with their daughter to an exclusive residential area. She soon finds a new close circle of friends: the women of the Dinner Club, and their husbands.

Nadine Trailer (2007)

25 October 2007