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The Paperman Trailer (2017)

17 May 2017

In an exploration of grief through the absurd, Priyanka seeks comfort in her conversations with Neha, soon after lighting the pyre of her old father, with whom she shared a difficult relationship.

Byomkesh Phire Elo Trailer (2014)

19 December 2014

Byomkesh is called upon for help by police to solve the murder mystery of a wealthy old man Benimadhab and his servant Meghraj.

Shajarur Kanta Trailer (2015)

20 March 2015

Sajarur Kanta is about a series of mysterious murders where the quill of a porcupine pierces the heart of the victim, killing him or her instantly.

Gogoler Kirti Trailer (2014)

12 September 2014

Based on Samaresh's popular Gogol fiction Mahish Mardini Uddhar and Rai Raja Uddhar, the film unfolds with a 'sabeki' puja in a Bengal village, where all members of the once-royal household assemble during that time of year and Gogol will take us back to the time when joint households were in vogue.

Necklace Trailer (2011)

04 February 2011

Two couples belonging to different social strata got intertwined by coincidences face different kinds crisis on a day.