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Hunger Trailer (2008)

15 May 2008

The story of Bobby Sands, the IRA member who led the 1981 hunger strike in which Republican prisoners tried to win political status.

Beautiful Young Minds Trailer (2009)

01 October 2009

This BAFTA nominated documentary tells the story of some of the brightest mathematical brains of a generation.

A Very British Sex Scandal Trailer (2007)

20 July 2007

A Very British Sex Scandal tells the story of Peter Wildeblood, a royal correspondent for the Daily Mail newspaper.

Six Million Dollar Conman Trailer (2012)

03 July 2012

McQueen and I Trailer (2011)

22 January 2011

Profile of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

1 Day Trailer (2009)

21 October 2009

This searing British thriller follows Flash (Dylan Duffus), who's safeguarding his buddy Angel's (Yohance Watson) cash until his release from prison.

The Last Days of the Raj Trailer (2007)

12 March 2007

Lord Louis Mountbatten arrives in India in March 1947 as Britain's Last Viceroy. He is committed to transfer administrative and authoritative power to an independent and sovereign India.