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The Sacred Mound Trailer (1993)

29 October 1993

A seven-year-old boy is sent to a farm on a remote island, when his mother goes abroad. On the island the boy gets to know a twenty-year-old woman who seems willing to take on a mother's role.

Demoner Trailer (1986)

05 September 1986

Catherine and Frank are arguing and their neighbors Thomas and Jenna are drawn into the fight.

Jack Trailer (1976)

17 December 1976

Jack spends his days smoking pot, drinking and hitting on girls together with his friends. As opposed to his friends, Jack actually knows what he wants to do with his life, he wants be an author.

Witchcraft Trailer (1999)

26 November 1999

The young and fanatical Jon is appointed pastor to a remote church in 15th century Iceland. As is custom, he marries the widow of his predecessor, a woman much older than he is.

Dear John Trailer (1964)

23 November 1964

Divorced skipper John meets Anita, a single mother, at a port and spends the weekend with her.