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Marshal Tito's Spirit Trailer (1999)

05 January 1999

Stipan is a policeman who comes to small Adriatic island off the Croatian coast in order to investigate reported strange phenomena that had frightened the whole population.

Officer with a Rose Trailer (1987)

30 May 1987

It is 1945 in Zagreb, and everyone is settling into the new regime following the disturbances of the war.

Holiday in St. Tropez Trailer (1964)

14 August 1964

A hotel needs to be fixed up by its guests.

Kotlovina Trailer (2011)

20 July 2011

A big family reunion at the weekend cottage around traditional food preparation "kotlovina" (pig on a spit and lots of drinking) with quaintly amusing and earnest situations revealing what is stronger: ties of blood and background or culture and the way of living.

H-8… Trailer (1958)

14 July 1958

A bus and a truck are moving towards each other along a two-way traffic highway on a rainy day. At the very beginning we learn that a reckless driver of another car will cause them to collide while trying to pass the bus; we even learn what seats will spell doom for their occupants.

The Emperor's New Clothes Trailer (1961)

28 May 1961

The adaptation of Hans Cristian Andersen's tale filmed on a white background. It is also the first Croatian movie in color.

It Was Not Useless Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Boris Buzančić plays an idealistic young doctor who is assigned a nearly deserted village. The backwards residents at first resent Buzančić's new-fangled methods.

Adventure at the Door Trailer (1961)

10 July 1961

Story of the dream of a lonely woman lying mentally ill in a sanatorium.

Slow Motion Trailer (1979)

03 July 1979

A 40 year old former football star and idol of his generation feels that there's a gap between him and the rest of his peers.

Tzi-goo-lee Mee-goo-lee Trailer (1952)

01 January 1952

Ivan Ivanović, a party functionary, arrives in a provincial town as a temporary replacement for a cultural official.

In Four Rows Trailer (1999)

07 December 1999

The story about the Bleiburg massacre, seen from a Croatian Home Defenders point of view.

Love and Sometimes a Curse Trailer (1969)

03 November 1969

Dalmatia in the 1930s. Mate Pivac, a policeman and father of eight, finds out that the King himself becomes godfather to every ninth children in the country, and tries to make his wife sure that they need another child hoping for financial or any other kind of support.

When You Hear the Bells Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Partizan commisar, a Communist intellectual from Zagreb, must bring the group of Serb partizans in line.

The Siege Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

A group of partisans is under siege, surrounded by strong German forces. Some of them remember the events that preceded the siege.

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles Trailer (1979)

17 April 1979

A student of architecture from Zagreb believes that the new model of city can meet the need of its citizens.

Roko and Cicibela Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

A poor fisherman and his girlfriend live in a small boat under an open sky for decades. Based on a true story.

Small Train Robbery Trailer (1984)

11 July 1984

Lika, Austro-Hungarian Empire, the year is 1918, the last year of WWI. In a wasteland rocky area, among ravines there is a small gendarmery police station with several gendarmes headed by sergeant Cokula.

The Republic of Užice Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

This film, one of great war epics typical for 70s' Yugoslavia, is a story about Serbia in 1941. Few months after German panzers forced Yugoslav Royal Army to capitulate, organized resistance is turning into massive uprising against occupying forces.