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My Dear Fellow Trailer (1958)

07 August 1958

A story about a man, a doctor who for a whole life is faithful to his job and the woman he loves.

True Friends Trailer (1954)

20 April 1954

Story about 3 childhood friends who found each other later in life and decided to rafting on one of the Moscovian rivers.

1812 Trailer (1943)

06 June 1943

A biopic about Prince Kutuzov, the defeater of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Chapayev Trailer (1934)

07 November 1934

This film is based on the book about Vasili Ivanovich Chapaev (1887 - 1919) who was in real life the Commander of the 25th Division of the Red Army.

Alexander Parkhomenko Trailer (1942)

20 July 1942

Directed by Leonid Lukov.

The Vyborg Side Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

The final part of trilogy about the life of a young factory worker, Maxim. Following the Russian Revolution, Maksim is appointed state commissar in charge of the national bank.

Glinka Trailer (1946)

06 June 1946

Биографический фильм о жизни и творчестве великого композитора, основоположника русской музыкальной культуры Михаила Ивановича Глинки (1806 - 1857 г.

The Lost Photography Trailer (1959)

20 December 1959

A young boy from Prague is trying to find a Soviet soldier from the old 1945 picture.

Cain the XVIII-th Trailer (1963)

05 August 1963

A fairytale about homeless musician and his love for the princess.

Seven Old Men and One Girl Trailer (1968)

06 June 1968

Lara Velichko is a young coach who's dreaming about coaching world champions but suddenly she's forced to train a group of a very grumpy old men.

The Alive and the Dead Trailer (1963)

06 June 1963

A Russian war correspondent is drafted into the war and finds himself in the middle of battle. When he loses his party card, however, he is treated as a deserter until he finds help from a kind man.

An Extraordinary Assignment Trailer (1965)

06 June 1965

The second film of the trilogy about Armenian Bolshevik revolutionery Simon Ter-Petrosyan (1882-1922) known as Kamo.

Minin and Pozharsky Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

The Youth of Maxim Trailer (1935)

19 April 1935

A 1935 USA trade-paper reviewer called it... "an impressive and technically outstanding historical drama dealing with czarist terrorism and revolutionary boiling in the days of 1907.

Alone Trailer (1931)

09 October 1931

A young teacher is sent to a remote province, separating her from her lover, and sets about the difficult task of building a school there.

The Return of Maxim Trailer (1937)

01 April 1937

The second part of trilogy about the life of a young factory worker, Maxim. In July 1914, the Bolsheviks and Mensehviks compete for representation of the working-class in the Duma.

The Girlfriends Trailer (1936)

19 February 1936

Podrugi (Girlfriends) is the story of the friendship between three girls, who start the film aged around 10 and who grow up together, eventually becoming nurses at the Russian front during the First World War.

The Blue Cup Trailer (1964)

15 December 1964

Young family is spending vacations in the summer house.

Ivan Nikulin: Russian Sailor Trailer (1944)

03 January 1944

The story takes place in Summer 1942, when a small force of Black Sea Fleet sailors was surrounded by German troops but broke out the encirclement.

There Were Three Bachelors Trailer (1973)

30 December 1973

A funny story about three best friends - young scientists who swear to not get married and concentrate only on science.