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Boris Godunov Trailer (1986)

14 October 1986

Praised for its fine photography and production design if not its narrative, Sergei Bondarchuk directed this adaptation of the tale by Alexander Pushkin.

Interception Trailer (1986)

06 June 1986

A top American spy is in charge of a delicate mission. The USA plans to infiltrate several U-boats in the sea of Vladivostok, however they need the soviet surveillance satellite to stay 'blind' for a couple of hours, so this spy is sent to damage the antenna for the satellite.

A Dangerous Age Trailer (1981)

20 October 1981

A relations between man and woman become complicate after 20 years of marriage.

One-Two, Soldiers Were Going... Trailer (1976)

06 June 1976

The families of 18 soldiers who heroically died in 1944 are meeting at the place of the squad last battle.

Seven Elements Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The Earth is facing great problems in the nearest future it is in the lack of sun light. Physicist Olmin is leading the project to build a special tunnel —made of elementary fractions— from the sun to the earth, in order to the earth could get much more sun energy and light.

The Snow Maiden Trailer (1968)

12 October 1968

A fairytale based on the play by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy.

The Black Arrow Trailer (1985)

12 May 1985

Adventurous movie based on classical Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

Operation 'Trust' Trailer (1967)

06 June 1967

A story about CHeKa operation against a foreign spies during the early years of Soviet Russia.

Daphnis and Chloe Trailer (1993)

06 June 1993

Daphnis and Chloe is the story of a boy and a girl, each of whom is exposed at birth along with some identifying tokens.

Without Special Risk Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

A story of two police detectives who're preparing for a complicate operation - arresting of a criminal leader.

The Secret Agent’s End Trailer (1986)

12 May 1986

And ending to the nationally acclaimed story (“The Secret Agent’s Blunder”, “The Secret Agent’s Destiny”, “The Secret Agent’s Return”) about a professional intelligence agent, former White Guard and Count Mikhail Tulyev.

The Detective Trailer (1979)

15 December 1979

A story about a rookie detective in the beginning of his investigative career.

The Secret Agent's Return Trailer (1982)

17 December 1982

A third movie about the life of Mikhail Tulyev, the son of a Russian count living in Europe and spying for CIA.