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The Big Store Trailer (1941)

21 June 1941

The Marx brothers run havoc in a department store while protecting its owner.

Attorney for the Defense Trailer (1932)

21 May 1932

A lawyer is haunted by a previous case in which he manipulated evidence and convicted an innocent man.

Badlands Of Dakota Trailer (1941)

15 September 1941

Up-and-coming Universal leading man Robert Stack made his western-movie debut in Badlands of Dakota. Set in the Dakotas during the days of the Great Gold Boom, the story finds brothers Jim and Bob Holliday (Stack and Broderick Crawford) dukeing it out over the affections of pretty Anne Grayson (Ann Rutherford).

The Princess Comes Across Trailer (1936)

22 May 1936

A Swedish princess boards an ocean liner in Europe en route to an acting career in America, and finds herself getting inconveniently attached to a bandleader returning home.

Fugitives for a Night Trailer (1938)

23 September 1938

A faded star is suspected of killing a studio executive.

Annabel Takes a Tour Trailer (1938)

10 November 1938

Annabel Allison, star of Wonder Pictures, is irked at her poor publicity, especially when a rival gets engaged to a Marquis; so she makes studio head Webb re-hire disgraced publicity agent Morgan for her personal appearance tour.

Gentlemen Are Born Trailer (1934)

17 November 1934

A well-cloistered and protected-against-reality group of college students get their diplomas in the heart of the Great Depression, and quickly learn that the piece of paper the diploma is written on is worth about eighteen-dollars-a-week in the job-market.

The Chief Trailer (1933)

03 November 1933

The dim-witted son of a heroic fire chief tries to follow in his late father's footsteps, only to become the unknowing pawn of corrupt politicians.

Crashing Hollywood Trailer (1938)

07 January 1938

Two gangsters provide details of an actual bank robbery when helping a neophite screenwriter create a hit Hollywood film.

The Law West of Tombstone Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

A blustering gunfighter talks himself into the position of mayor in a small western town.

I Hate Women Trailer (1934)

10 May 1934

A misogynistic reporter finds himself taking up the cause of a young women he believes is falsely accused of killing her husband.

Search for Beauty Trailer (1934)

02 February 1934

Three con artists dupe two Olympians into serving as editors of a new health and beauty magazine which is only a front for salacious stories and pictures.

Baby Face Harrington Trailer (1935)

11 April 1935

Thanks to a series of comic mishaps, a timid, small-town office clerk finds himself wanted by the police and labeled by the media as "Public Enemy No.

Freckles Comes Home Trailer (1942)

02 January 1942

Freckles Winslow comes home from college and the sheriff accuses him of murder, gangsters put him on the spot, and his girl friend, Jane, falls in love with a confidence man.

Blood Money Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

The title refers to the business of affable, ambitious bail bondsman (and politically-connected grifter) Bill Bailey (George Bancroft), who, in the course of his work, crosses paths with every kind of offender there is, from first-time defendants to career criminals.

There Goes My Girl Trailer (1937)

21 May 1937

Jerry (Gene Raymond) and Connie (Ann Sothern) are engaged to be married, but they're also rival newspaper reporters, and when they're both assigned to cover the same murder case, the temptation to out-scoop the other threatens their relationship.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat Trailer (1937)

16 April 1937

The 1937 film version of Bret Harte's story, starring Preston Foster.

Chinatown Squad Trailer (1935)

31 May 1935

Police search for the killer of a man who misused $700,000 intended for the Chinese Communists.

Don't Tell the Wife Trailer (1937)

05 March 1937

After being released from prison, con man Thurston Hall gathers his gang of cronies--along with innocent chump Guy Kibbee--to help him sell worthless stock in a New Mexico gold mine.

Scattergood Meets Broadway Trailer (1941)

22 August 1941

Scattergood finds out that his neighbor, Elly Drew, is going to sell her home to support her son David, an aspiring playwright, who is in New York City trying to get his play produced.

Sons of the Pioneers Trailer (1942)

02 July 1942

A singing entomologist (Roy Rogers) acts meek to help a juggling sheriff (George "Gabby" Hayes) solve ranch raids.

Night After Night Trailer (1932)

30 October 1932

A former boxer purchases a classy speakeasy and falls in love with a wealthy society girl.

This Day and Age Trailer (1933)

25 August 1933

DeMille returns to the high school milieu of The Godless Girl when that institution was still so fresh on the mass culture landscape that any examination of it felt ultra-contemporary and important.

Hell Bent for Love Trailer (1934)

19 May 1934

As a result of arresting a nightclub singer, Millie Garland, for speeding, Tim Daley, of the California Highway Patrol, incurs the enmity of the gangster, "Trigger" Talano, who frames him and brings about his disgrace; but Tim organizes a band ox ex-criminals and turns the table on the racketeer with a vengeance.

Enemy Agent Trailer (1940)

18 April 1940

A man is framed for being a spy. After he is released, he sets out to find who the real spies are.

Million Dollar Ransom Trailer (1934)

01 September 1934

To stop his mother from marrying a man he doesn't like, a young millionaire hires an ex-con help him fake his own kidnaping.

Stage Mother Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

A vaudeville performer is reunited with her grown daughter who has been raised by relatives.

Six of a Kind Trailer (1934)

09 February 1934

The Whinneys share expenses for their trip to Hollywood with George and Gracie and thier great Dane. A clerk in Whinney's bank has put fifty thousand dollars in a suitcase, hoping to rob Whinney on the road, but instead Whinney takes another road and is himself arrested in Nevada.

Cheers of the Crowd Trailer (1935)

05 August 1935

To draw attention to a popular show, a publicity expert hires a former carnival character, not knowing that the man is on the run from the law.

Hideaway Trailer (1937)

13 August 1937

A poor family receives unwanted houseguests when they're visited by gangsters looking for a place to hide out.

Fixer Dugan Trailer (1939)

21 April 1939

Actor Lee Tracy plays the title role in director Lew Landers' 1939 drama, about the quick-thinking boss of a traveling circus playing small towns in Missouri and Kansas.

From Hell to Heaven Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

The various residents and occupants of a resort hotel await the outcome of a horse race at a nearby track, as it will affect each of their lives in different ways.

Her Husband Lies Trailer (1937)

13 March 1937

J. Ward Thomas of Park Avenue leads a double life as an investment broker and as notorious gambler Spade Martin, despite the protests of his beautiful wife Natalie, a nightclub singer who retired when they married.

War Dogs Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

A young boy donates his pet, a police dog, to the army to be trained as a war dog.

The Best Man Wins Trailer (1935)

14 January 1935

A diver saves his best friend's life but loses his own arm in doing so. Later, unable to find work because of his missing arm, he is forced to go to work for a criminal searching for lost treasures.

Ellis Island Trailer (1936)

04 November 1936

It opens in 1926 when three bank robbers, Theodore Kedrich, Jan Imarski, and Petra Lonelli, stage a daring daylight bank robbery and get away with a million dollars in cash.

The Final Edition Trailer (1932)

12 February 1932

A reporter gets the best story of her life when she goes under cover to take down the head of a crime syndicate.

He Was Her Man Trailer (1934)

16 June 1934

Dan Curly sends two hitmen to kill double-crossing Flicker Hayes, who retreats to a small village with ex-prostitute Rose to hide.

The Affairs of Annabel Trailer (1938)

09 September 1938

Wonder Pictures' seedy publicity man Lanny Morgan has put the studio's biggest star, Annabel Allison, in one crazy stunt after another.

The Fighting Ranger Trailer (1934)

17 March 1934

The Buck Jones western The Fighting Ranger utilizes its familiar plotline with excellent results. When Jones' kid brother is killed by the villains, our hero quits the Texas Rangers and sets off to seek vengeance on his own.

Crime Ring Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

Fake fortunetellers win the confidence of clients and then get them to part with their money by buying mining stocks which are worthless.

Shadow of Doubt Trailer (1935)

15 February 1935

When a Hollywood producer is murdered, the most likely suspect is a man who is smitten with the victim's fiancee.

Isle of Missing Men Trailer (1942)

18 September 1942

A young woman receives an invitation from the Governor of an island prison to spend a week with him. She does so, but conceals the fact that her husband is being held as a convict on the island.

The Nut Farm Trailer (1935)

24 March 1935

Bob and Helen decide to move to California and make a fresh start. Bob wants to buy a nut farm, but Helen dreams of being in the movies.

Night Spot Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

A young singer, Marge Dexter, becomes involved in trouble when she works in a nightclub in which two of the band-members are in reality undercover-police officers who believe that the club is the headquarters of a dangerous gang of crooks.

Beyond the Sacramento Trailer (1940)

11 November 1940

Bill learns that two con artists whom he has dealt with before are at it again. Crowley runs the saloon and Adams the newspaper and both are highly respected by the citizens.

Music for Madame Trailer (1937)

08 October 1937

The plot revolves around Nino, who is traveling to Hollywood in search of fame. He falls in with a gang of crooks who use his talent to distract everyone at a party while they steal the jewels.

Before Midnight Trailer (1933)

18 November 1933

A detective tries to figure out who killed a man who predicted his own death

King of the Mounties Trailer (1942)

17 October 1942

King of the Candian riding police is up against Japs and Nazis who are about to invade Canada. They just want to clear the way with a new futuristic plane called "The Falcon" first, but that's not gonna happen if Kig has his way.

Two in a Crowd Trailer (1936)

03 October 1936

When two halves of a thousand-dollar bill are discovered in the snow, the penniless pair that individually grabs each half must come to terms.

Three of a Kind Trailer (1936)

19 May 1936

A truck driver and a gold-digger meet at a swank hotel and both think the other is wealthy. A drama of greed and society.

Go Chase Yourself Trailer (1938)

22 April 1938

When a bank is robbed, a not-so-bright teller is wrongly suspected of being part of the holdup team. Comedy.

King Solomon of Broadway Trailer (1935)

30 September 1935

An underworld character wins a Broadway nightclub in a card game.

The Texas Rambler Trailer (1935)

14 May 1935

Cappy Ricks Returns Trailer (1935)

25 September 1935

"Cappy" Ricks comes out of retirement to fight against a bill, sponsored by his old political rivals, that, if passed, would forbid the selling of wooden shingles for house-roofs.

Cafe Hostess Trailer (1940)

10 January 1940

A dancehall girl meets a sailor and they fall in love, but the club’s owner doesn’t want the girl to leave.

Roaring Frontiers Trailer (1941)

15 October 1941

U.S. Marshal Wild Bill Hickok arrives in Goldfield to arrest Tex Martin, who has been accused of murdering the sheriff.

Twelve Crowded Hours Trailer (1939)

03 March 1939

An ace reporter (Richard Dix) with a girlfriend (Lucille Ball) nails a numbers racketeer for murders.

Take the Stand Trailer (1934)

07 August 1934

A radio columnist is threatened by gangsters and later murdered during a broadcast. A detective sets out to find the killers.

Top Sergeant Trailer (1942)

12 June 1942

An army sergeant recognises a young recruit as the man responsible for his brother's death, while attempting a robbery.