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Remarkable Shades of Gay Trailer (2015)

27 February 2015

Remarkable Shades of Gay is a compilation of nine short films shot by award winning LGBTQ director William Branden Blinn between 2008 and 2014.

Triple Standard Trailer (2010)

13 August 2010

A homophobic ex basketball star is forced to face the reality that he himself is gay.

Thirteen or So Minutes Trailer (2008)

20 January 2008

Lawrence Jefferies and Hugh Greerey are two straight men who have just met. Thirteen or so minutes later, things have changed for both of them as they open themselves to one another.

Toeing the Line Trailer (2013)

07 June 2013

Zach and Lamar have been best friends for years. They've done everything together, well, almost everything until today when that line that won't be crossed, suddenly is crossed.

Chased Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

After leaving practice, collegiate football players Seth and Charlie are grabbing a pizza and planning for a relaxed weekend when everything in their lives takes a sudden turn.

Confidences Trailer (2001)

02 June 2001

Wedding invitations are about to be mailed when Casey abruptly calls off the wedding sending her fiance, Clay, into a tailspin.