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Before the Fall Trailer (2016)

25 September 2016

It's a classic case of opposite attraction: Handsome Ben Bennet (Ethan Sharrett) is a gay, affluent, stylish attorney at the top of the genteel social set in southern Virginia, while Lee Darcy (Chase Conner) is a rough-hewn welder with a secret that he nightly tries to blot out with an excess of liquor.

Between Notes Trailer (2011)

02 April 2011

Between Notes is a modern-day musical about a depressed musician who develops a unique relationship with a girl who changes his perspective on life.

Hiding in Plain Sight Trailer (2012)

28 September 2012

The Blackmon family subsist in their car following the recession, desperate to keep up appearances and reclaim their silent dignity as a stable unit.

The Guest Trailer (2010)

21 August 2010

A lonely woman and a mysterious intruder get more than they bargained for when a quiet evening proves to be deadlier than either of them could have imagined.