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Left Behind II: Tribulation Force Trailer (2002)

29 October 2002

The sequel to the blockbuster "Left Behind". It is two weeks after the Rapture, and those who were left behind must band together to form the Tribulation Force and will prepare themselves for the worst seven years the planet will ever see.

Silent Hill Trailer (2006)

21 April 2006

The eerie and deserted ghost town of Silent Hill draws a young mother desperate to find a cure for her only child's illness.

Filth City Trailer (2017)

25 March 2017

When a mayor running for re-election is caught on video smoking crack, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Still Small Voices Trailer (2007)

06 January 2007

A 911 operator receives a ghostly call from a child murdered thirty years before and becomes obsessed with unraveling the crime.

Amy Fisher: My Story Trailer (1992)

28 December 1992

This sensational true story of a near fatal attraction left Mary Jo Buttafuoco paralyzed for life and made Amy Fisher America's most infamous teenager.