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Modern Times Trailer (1936)

05 February 1936

The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.

Coogan's Bluff Trailer (1968)

02 October 1968

Coogan (Clint Eastwood) an Arizona deputy sheriff goes to New York to pick up a prisoner. While escorting the prisoner to the airport he escapes and Coogan heads into the City to recapture him.

Oregon Trail Trailer (1945)

14 July 1945

Hoping to find a fortune in stolen gold bullion, railroad detective Sunset Carson (Sunset Carson) goes undercover as an outlaw to infiltrate the gang responsible, but winds up being hired as the sheriff of Gunsight by town founder George Layton (Frank Jaquet).

The Phantom Rider Trailer (1946)

26 January 1946

A new town doctor arrives at the same time as local Indians needprotection from troublemaking looters.

The Outsider Trailer (1967)

21 November 1967

Not so uncommon themes of the 1960's are used as dark backdrop for a hard-nosed, private eye/ex-con with a bone to pick with the Los Angeles police Dept.

Phantom Stallion Trailer (1954)

10 February 1954

Ex-cavalry buddies, Rex and Slim, band together to capture a wild stallion, solve a murder and thwart the killers from cheating a boy out of his inheritance.

Firebrands Of Arizona Trailer (1944)

01 December 1944

The sheriff camps outside of town and tries to arrest Froggy and Sunset, but a gang of outlaws helps them get away.

No Man's Woman Trailer (1955)

27 October 1955

A greedy, scheming woman is found murdered in her studio, and the police find that there is no shortage of suspects who wanted to see her dead--among them a rich husband she wouldn't divorce unless he paid her a huge settlement, a lover she caused to be fired from his job and an assistant whose fiancé she tried to seduce.

The Crimson Ghost Trailer (1946)

26 October 1946

A criminal mastermind known as The Crimson Ghost is out to steal a device called the Cyclotrode, which can short-circuit all electrical current on the planet.

Manhunt of Mystery Island Trailer (1945)

17 March 1945

Claire Forrest seeks her kidnapped scientist father, hidden somewhere on Mystery Island. He is held and forced to work on diabolical inventions by Captain Mephisto, a costumed villain.

Stranger on the Run Trailer (1967)

31 October 1967

A drifter finds himself wrongly accused of murder by a power-crazed sheriff. The sheriff gives him a horse, some supplies, and a one-hour head start into the desert, then he will send his murderous posse after him.

Accused of Murder Trailer (1956)

21 December 1956

The story tells of nightclub singer Vera Ralston (Ilona Vance), who is accused of murder; and it looks like she's guilty as she was the last person to see crooked attorney Hobart (Sidney Blackmer) alive.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Trailer (1967)

07 January 1967

A man who completes compiling a dossier on a mysterious billionaire begins to get the feeling that he is becoming the victim of a conspiracy.

The Hanged Man Trailer (1964)

18 November 1964

A gunman who believes his friend has been murdered sets out to get the people who killed him and finds himself enmeshed in corrupt labor union politics.

Stranger at My Door Trailer (1956)

06 April 1956

Notorious outlaw Clay Anderson and gang rob the town bank and flee in separate directions. Riding hard, Clay's horse goes lame and he is forced to pull-up at a nearby farm.

Sheriff of Cimarron Trailer (1945)

28 February 1945

Sunset Carson rides into the town of Cimarron looking for his brother and the crooks who framed him for cattle rustling.

Stardust on the Sage Trailer (1942)

25 May 1942

A singing cowboy (Gene Autry) and his partner (Bill Henry) thwart a foreman who wants their mine.

Prince of the Plains Trailer (1949)

08 April 1949

Banker Ned Owens refuses to call in the many unpaid loans made to the local ranchers as he knows they are being terrorized by a gang of crooks and unable to pay.

Shadows of Tombstone Trailer (1953)

18 September 1953

Rancher Rex Allen captures a bandit, Delgado, a henchman for crooked Sheriff Webb and saloon owner Mike, who run the town to suit themselves, but Rex forces the sheriff to jail Delgado.

Red River Shore Trailer (1953)

15 December 1953

When an oil discovery is reported at Paxton, Oklahoma, Marshal Rex Allen immediately suspects that where there is oil, there is trouble.

D-Day on Mars Trailer (1966)

01 January 1966

This is a shortened version of the 1945 Republic serial "The Purple Monster Strikes," which was released to television in 1966.

Goodnight, Sweetheart Trailer (1944)

17 June 1944

A journalist attacks the campaign of a mayoral candidate who has gained the endorsement of a rival newspaper.

San Antone Trailer (1953)

15 February 1953

After the Civil War, a cowboy who's a former Union soldier leads a cattle drive into Mexico now occupied by the French.

Son of Zorro Trailer (1947)

18 January 1947

A man returning home after having fought in the Civil War discovers that corrupt politicians have taken over the county and are terrorizing and shaking down the citizens.

The Man Is Armed Trailer (1956)

19 October 1956

Crime drama in which a man unknowingly helps a gang pull off a big heist. The gang discovers that the man is more trouble than he is worth and as a result, things don't go as smoothly as planned.

Unmasked Trailer (1950)

30 January 1950

The editor of a sleazy tabloid newspaper has been borrowing money from his lover, the wife of a rich theatrical producer, and promises to marry her when she gets a divorce.

Terror at Midnight Trailer (1956)

27 April 1956

A newly promoted police sergeant discovers his girlfriend my be involved with a gang of car thieves.

The Girl Who Dared Trailer (1944)

05 August 1944

A group of people are invited to a party at a creepy mansion where legend has it a ghost appears once a year.

Man from Rainbow Valley Trailer (1946)

15 June 1946

When unscrupulous rodeo promoter Colonel Winthrop gets the idea of capturing "Outlaw" and making him a show horse, his niece Kay North tricks Monte into believing she is a writer assigned to do an article on the real horse.

O, My Darling Clementine Trailer (1943)

31 December 1943

"Dapper Dan" Franklin and his small troupe of actors become stranded in the small town of Harmony, Tennessee.

The Gay Vagabond Trailer (1941)

12 May 1941

Farce of identical twins and a wife who takes up real estate business.

King of the Forest Rangers Trailer (1946)

25 April 1946

An Indian rug is the key to the location of a lost treasure. When the rug's owner is murdered, it bg

Panther Girl of the Kongo Trailer (1955)

03 January 1955

Jean Evans of an international wildlife foundation has made herself at home in Africa as the elephant-riding, vine-swinging, miniskirted 'Panther Girl.

The Vampire's Ghost Trailer (1945)

21 May 1945

In a small African port, a tawdry bar is run by a old man named Webb Fallon. Fallon is actually a vampire, but he is becoming weary of his "life" of the past few hundred years.

Federal Operator 99 Trailer (1945)

07 July 1945

Jerry Blake (aka Federal Operator 99) teams-up with Joyce Kingston to thwart the plans of escaped crime boss Jim Belmont.

Bandits of the West Trailer (1953)

08 August 1953

Marshal Rocky Lane learns of a plan to obstruct the promotion of natural gas in his town.

The Purple Monster Strikes Trailer (1945)

06 October 1945

A Martian invader crashes his spaceship conveniently close to the workshop of a scientist who is developing an interplanetary craft.

G-men vs. the Black Dragon Trailer (1943)

16 January 1943

Japanese spies attempt to subvert America's war effort; G-Men attempt to thwart their plot.

Traffic in Crime Trailer (1946)

28 June 1946

Police Chief Jim Murphy, in a crime-ridden city, deputizes newspaper-reporter Sam Wire, to work as an undercover operative to rid the town of the gangster element.