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Bombshell - The Sinking Of The Rainbow Warrior Trailer (2016)

09 October 2016

How the tragic death of one man triggered a David and Goliath battle between two Allies that echoed around the world and became the catalyst to end nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Field Punishment No.1 Trailer (2014)

22 April 2014

In 1916, the New Zealand Government secretly shipped 14 of the country's most outspoken conscientious objectors to the Western Front in an attempt to convert, silence, or quite possibly kill them.

Jean Trailer (2016)

23 October 2016

The true story of Jean Batten is of a daughter determined to live up to a powerful mother, desperate to leave a mark on the world – and prepared to go to the ends of the earth to do so.

Dive Trailer (2015)

08 July 2015

George's reflection has turned its back on him and he'll go to great depths to get it back.

Home by Christmas Trailer (2010)

29 April 2010

A remarkable memoir of resilience, determination and love.Based on filmmaker Gaylene Preston's interviews with her father about his World War II experiences, reconstructed with actor Tony Barry as Ed Preston.