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Carlos Martinez Baena was a character actor, who was born in Spain. At an early age he moved with his family to Mexico where he became a journalist. By 1920 he decided to become an actor while he was living in Argentina, and shortly afterward moved to Spain where he worked as a stage actor, eventually ppearing in films in Argentina, Spain and the U.S in Spanish language films made in the early and mid 1930s. In 1940 he returned to Mexico, escaping the fascist Franco goverment in Spain. The following year he began appearing in Mexican films in character parts, he was often cast as kindly old men, teachers, priests and appeared in many character parts. He was also very involved in the actor's union, during his career he also wrote and adapted sceenplays as well as writing poetry. In 1970 he completed his last film at the age 80, also a character part.

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The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz Trailer (1955)

01 January 1955

A bizarre black comedy about a man whose overwhelming ambition in life is to be a renowned serial killer of women, and will stop at nothing to achieve it - but not everything goes according to plan.

Él Trailer (1953)

09 July 1953

Francisco is rich, rather strict on principles, and still a bachelor. After meeting Gloria by accident, he is suddenly intent on her becoming his wife and courts her until she agrees to marry him.

El analfabeto Trailer (1961)

07 September 1961

Inocencio Prieto y Calvo receives a letter telling him he is the heir to his uncle's fortune of two million pesos.

El siete machos Trailer (1951)

05 February 1951

Rosario, the niece of the rancher, returns to the ranch after ten years of absence. She takes in Margarito (Cantinflas), a worker at the ranch, who is immediately smitten by her.

The Kneeling Goddess Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

Legendary superstar María Félix, stars in this melodrama noir playing the role of Raquel, a woman who has a passionate love affair with married aristocrat Antonio.

Un año en La Luna Trailer (2004)

30 May 2004

In late September, Iñigo comes to Madrid to study psychology and stays at the home of his sister Esther, who lives with a porn story writer called Gabriel and that is not going through its best.

La bien pagada Trailer (1948)

20 February 1948

Melodrama about marital infidelity.

La mujer sin alma Trailer (1944)

10 October 1944

Ambitious young woman climbs the social ladder. A bit too fast.

Camelia Trailer (1954)

16 February 1954

A woman of low estate is beloved of a promising young man, but sacrifices her love for him in order to protect his future and reputation.

Monte de piedad Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

Anthology-movie, series of anecdotes about the personal tragedies that lead people to take their values posessions to the state-run pawnshop.

Cupido pierde a Paquita Trailer (1955)

19 October 1955

Rich family's maid thinks that maybe if she plays her cards right, she can land a moneybags husband. There's also a really cute auto mechanic, though, and.

La muñeca perversa Trailer (1969)

26 December 1969

Psycho-killer in the bosom of the family. One dark and stormy night...

El charro del Cristo Trailer (1949)

07 October 1949

Favored son of a wealthy rural family forced to go into hiding after killing someone in a duel.

The Intruder Trailer (1954)

21 July 1954

Upon her arrival to the village San Ignacio, Gabriela meets Raúl, owner of a residence that her grandfather administrates.

El cerco de Huesca Trailer (1937)

24 January 1937

Documentary made during the Spanish Civil War.

Pecado Mortal Trailer (1955)

10 March 1955

Juan Manuel intends his wife Clara, who is blind, sign the will in his favor, but she refuses. With them lives Soledad, goddaughter Clara.

La abuelita Trailer (1942)

09 May 1942

Granny rules the roost, but little sister's a bit rebellious. She listens to Cuban music, she wears make-up, she goes out un-chaperoned.

Lola Casanova Trailer (1949)

25 May 1949

Sonora Mexico, 1880s: Seri Indian tribe splits into two factions after a white woman comes to live in their settlement.

La casa embrujada Trailer (1949)

12 October 1949

Stage magician Fu Manchu uses his illusions and trickeries to find a murderer.

The River and Death Trailer (1955)

30 June 1955

A useless and bloody vendetta has been going on for ages between two families in this mexican village.

División heroica Trailer (1937)

24 January 1937

A documentary made during the Spanish Civil War.

El Supersabio Trailer (1948)

04 September 1948

Cantinflas is the apprentice of a renowned scientist, Prof. Arquimides Monteagudo (Carlos Martinez Baena).

El Portero Trailer (1950)

08 September 1950

Cantinflas works as a porter, who writes letters and speeches in his old writing machine to earn an extra money, despite the fact that he still goes to school.

La mujer que no tuvo infancia Trailer (1957)

25 July 1957

Borderline mentally-ill woman with neurotic compulsion to behave like a child and the psychiatrist who looooves her.

Otra primavera Trailer (1950)

27 April 1950

His wife dies and now he's free to marry his mistress and adopt their children officially. How will this play out?

La sombra vengadora contra la mano negra Trailer (1955)

15 October 1955

Masked wrestler vs. gothic criminal gang. Third or fourth in a series.