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El Chanfle 2 Trailer (1982)

20 November 1982

is the continuation of the Mexican film El Chanfle (1979) Chespirito, which aired in theaters in 1982.

Como Se Tornar o Pior Aluno da Escola Trailer (2017)

04 May 2017

El Chanfle Trailer (1979)

18 January 1979

This movie is about a soccer team worker "Chanfle", who's in charge of having everything up to date for the team, soccer balls, uniforms, soccer shoes, you name it! Well he's been married for 10 years to a beautiful young girl but hasn't got the privilege of being a father! They are really poor and in the attempt to sell a gun that belonged to a diseased uncle, he's mistaken for a burglar by a drunk guy.