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Los Domirriqueños Trailer (2015)

03 December 2015

In a neighborhood where Dominicans and Puerto Ricans live in community, they must learn to put their differences aside and work together to prevent the demolition of their basketball court.

A Flight of Hope Trailer (1993)

01 March 1993

A comedy narrating the adventures of ten Puerto Ricans looking for a better life. The film centers on an airplane trip to New York during 1960's.

Chona, la puerca asesina Trailer (1990)

02 January 1990

A mad scientist invents a formula to control Puerto Rico. A little pig named Chona drinks water from a pond contaminated with the formula and grows to gigantic proportions, chasing and killing people.

Broche de Oro Trailer (2012)

13 September 2012

Rafael, Elmo, and Pablo run away from the strict Catholic retirement home where they live with Carlos, Rafael's grandson, to embark on an adventure and prove life does not stop because of age.

Los Reyes: la verdadera historia del Búster y el Camaleón Trailer (2014)

04 December 2014

Inspired on the true story of drug lord José Figueroa Agosto, commonly known as Junior Cápsula. A Puerto Rican drug convict escapes from jail and flees to Santo Domingo, where he continues his drug business and meets a woman who becomes his lover.

Ángel Trailer (2007)

16 August 2007

The film follows the actions of a corrupt police captain, the title-character Ángel Lugo. Lugo is responsible for the wrongful imprisonment of Mariano Farías and the murder of his pregnant wife.

Hay hombres para todas Trailer (2008)

02 January 2008

A few women arrive at an escort agency to choose the men who will accompany them at their events. They aren’t all there for the same reason.

El cuerpo del delito Trailer (2005)

11 May 2005

The shocking and compelling true story of two women; one savagely raped, tortured and burned; the other, a detective that makes this case her mission.

Boricua Homecoming Trailer (2005)

22 December 2005

A handful of immigrants make a bittersweet pilgrimage back to the land of their birth in this comedy drama.

Coralito y sus dos maridos Trailer (1999)

02 January 1999

Coralito is the wife of Paulino, who dies but never leaves her. Especially when she marries the town doctor, Hernán.