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Caché Trailer (2005)

02 May 2005

A married couple is terrorized by a series of videotapes planted on their front porch.

For Sale Trailer (1998)

26 August 1998

A Private detective is hired to trace a woman who ran away and disappeared on her wedding day. The movie follows him and recounts the story of her life through her eyes and the eyes of those interviewed by the detective.

Memory Lane Trailer (2010)

24 November 2010

August in Paris' suburbs, 7 friends are gathered to spend a week in the city where they grew up. The city is empty and the days pass by under a deep blue sky.

Alex Hugo, la mort et la belle vie Trailer (2014)

19 March 2014

L'échappée Trailer (2009)

10 November 2009

In her room, Mona, a young teenager, gets ready. She waits for the arrival of the one with whom she is in love.

Brucio nel vento Trailer (2002)

18 January 2002

Bel ami Trailer (2005)

13 December 2005

The Other Girls Trailer (2000)

30 August 2000

Caroline Vignal debuts with this sensitive teen comedy about 16-year-old girl looking to lose her virginity.

Finnlandia Trailer (2001)

09 October 2001

Si j'étais lui Trailer (2002)

05 June 2002