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Sorry if I Love You Trailer (2008)

25 January 2008

Scusa ma ti chiamo amore is a 2008 Italian film starring Raoul Bova and Michela Quattrociocche. Alex Belli (Bova) is a 37 year old advertising executive whose fiancée Elena has just left him, and who is having difficulty at work trying to think of a good advertising campaign for a new Japanese product.

Sorry if I Want to Marry You Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Second part of the film "Sorry if I love you". Alex (Raoul Bova) and Niki (Michela Quattrociocche) are more in love than ever.

Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue Trailer (2013)

02 April 2013

Jacob Trailer (1994)

04 December 1994

In this inspiring tale from the book of Genesis, young shepherd Jacob (Matthew Modine) falls in love with and wants to marry Rachel (Lara Flynn Boyle), the daughter of his Uncle Laban (Giancarlo Giannini).

My House in Umbria Trailer (2003)

25 May 2003

Emily Delahunty (Maggie Smith) is an eccentric British romance novelist who lives in Umbria in central Italy.

Sharm El Sheikh - Un'Estate Indimenticabile Trailer (2010)

17 September 2010

Romano e De Pascalis sono colleghi occupati presso un'azienda assicurativa. Amici cordiali diventano rivali accaniti in seguito alla minaccia di licenziamento per esubero.

The Family Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

"The Family," an album with a velvet cover, is meant to touch the extended family of man. Formal portraits, bookends in this 80-year saga, enclose the central story, which opens with the baptism of Carlo, a baby in his grandfather's lap, and ends with Carlo as a grandfather with a baby in his arms.

Feisbum - Il film Trailer (2009)

08 May 2009

La Bella e la Bestia Trailer (2014)

01 February 2014

L'amore rubato Trailer (2016)

29 November 2016

Emma sono io Trailer (2002)

14 November 2002

Francesco Falaschi's comedy I Am Emma stars Cecilia Dazzi as a woman who suffers from an unusual disorder.

Questo mondo è per te Trailer (2011)

31 March 2011

Ogni volta che te ne vai Trailer (2004)

23 April 2004

Under the Leaves Trailer (2005)

16 December 2005

A man is hired by a giftshop. Soon he notices the frequent visits of a woman who stares at him from her car.

Matrimoni Trailer (1998)

28 October 1998

Caruso, zero in condotta Trailer (2001)

03 September 2001

A movie directed by F.Nuti

Venti Trailer (2000)

10 May 2000