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The Little Minister Trailer (1975)

02 November 1975

In rural 1840's Scotland, Gavin Dishart arrives to become the new "little minister" of Thrums's Auld Licht church.

The Three Sisters Trailer (1970)

18 January 1970

In a small Russian town at the turn of the century, three sisters (Olga, Irina, and Masha) and their brother Andrei live but dream daily of their return to their former home in Moscow, where life is charming and stimulating meaningful.

The Love Girl and the Innocent Trailer (1973)

16 September 1973

A BBC television adaptation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's novel.

Julius Caesar Trailer (1979)

11 February 1979

The assassination of the would be ruler of Rome at the hands of Brutus and company has tragic consequences for Brutus and the republic.

The Apple Cart Trailer (1975)

19 January 1975

Shaw's comedy of ideologies looks forty years to the future at the impossibility of government as the British cabinet and monarchy face a day of "crisis" for the country.

Pygmalion Trailer (1973)

16 December 1973

The most famous and beloved of Shaw's plays, Pygmalion is a witty exploration of class and gender, Professor Henry Higgins bets his friend that they can take a poor flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, and pass her off as a duchess.

Heartbreak House Trailer (1977)

19 May 1977

Hiding behind a comedy of manners is Shaw's state of the nation play - a declining country house as the microcosm for the country (or even the pre-war continent).

The Merchant of Venice Trailer (1972)

16 April 1972

Adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare.