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All of a Sudden Trailer (1996)

14 June 1996

An erotic mystery about widower seeks revenge to the man whose wife had an affair before her apparent suicide, however things soon turns complicated when the widower having a relationship with the man's wife and the whole truth would reveals.

Young and Dangerous 5 Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

Although Chicken does not make an appearance, Chan Ho Nam finds a new love interest in the form of Mei Ling (Shu Qi).

Young and Dangerous 6 - Born to Be King Trailer (2000)

21 July 2000

Triad member Chicken is designated by Taiwan's San Luen Gang to marry Nanako, the daughter of the fifth generation leader of the Yamada Gang in Japan.

Ebola Syndrome Trailer (1996)

15 June 1996

Kai San is a sleazy and despicable bastard of the most epic proportions. After being caught screwing the wife of his boss, he goes on a killing spree and flees Hong Kong.

Young and Dangerous 3 Trailer (1996)

29 June 1996

Chan Ho Nam and Chicken are back again in Young and Dangerous 3, this time taking on the rival "Tung Sing" triad, who is attempting to usurp Hung Hing influence in Hong Kong by having Tung Sing member "Crow" (Roy Cheung) frame Ho Nam for the murder of Hung Hing Chairman Chiang Tin Sang (Simon Yam).

Young and Dangerous: The Prequel Trailer (1998)

05 July 1998

Showcasing the earlier years of Chan Ho Nam (Nicholas Tse) and Chicken (Sam Lee), this prequel tells of their time during their willingness to follow Hung Hing's "Uncle Bee".

Women From Mars Trailer (2002)

23 May 2002

A hairdresser, a village leader and a veterinarian each have girlfriends but still insist on playing the field.

Legendary Couple Trailer (1995)

14 September 1995

When an honest company employee is falsely accused of being an accomplice to a robbery, and his wife dies through police incompetence, he seeks revenge by launching a one-man crime spree, starting with the abduction of his former boss's spoiled daughter.

Best of the Best Trailer (1996)

27 September 1996

Tung Tung just graduated from the police academy, encountering a Vietnamnese assassin on his first day on work.

Chinese Midnight Express Trailer (1997)

15 November 1997

Tony Leung Chiu Wai heads to prison in Chinese Midnight Express, a harrowing prison drama from director Billy Tang.

Troublesome Night Trailer (1997)

28 February 1997

This Chinese ghost film centers on the theme of the haunted streets in Hong Kong, where four loosely connected stories are depicted.

Roaring Wheels Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

Crystal Fortune Run Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

An assassin known as Wind Yip (Sharla Cheung) is thought to be a robot after she is seen ripping the guts out of the president of a large corporation and dodging a hail of bullets from police.

Adventurous Treasure Island Trailer (1996)

02 August 1996

Kids are sucked into their TV and have to fight pirates to return home