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Écorchés Trailer (2005)

25 November 2005

Un jeune couple part s'isoler dans une maison à la campagne. Au fil de leur séjour, à l'abri des regards, ils glissent dans une relation violente et passionnelle, qui les poussera à commettre le pire.

Extase Trailer (2009)

16 February 2009

Jane desperately tries to awaken her faith in God. In her room, isolated with her lover from the rest of the world, she becomes overwhelmed with an uncontrolled flow of souvenirs, dreams and fantasies.

Patries Trailer (2015)

21 October 2015

Lead Us Not Into Temptation Trailer (2011)

21 December 2011

A teenager girl intrudes a quite couple's life.

La fille publique Trailer (2013)

12 June 2013

Since she was three months old, Yasmeen has been living with a foster family. Seventeen years have passed by and unbreakable bonds of love have formed between her and her parents and siblings.

L'Apôtre Trailer (2014)

01 October 2014

Akim, young Muslim will become imam sees his upset when he is touched by the love of Christ ... In a family chaos that opposes his brother identity Akim attempt to be accepted by his family.