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Philosophy Coffee Trailer (2015)

08 April 2015

A coffee shop struggling to pay their debts, while at the same time maintaining their principles.

Buka'an 8 Trailer (2017)

23 February 2017

Story of a married couple, Alam and Mia, who awaiting the birth of their first child.

Cahaya Dari Timur: Beta Maluku Trailer (2014)

19 June 2014

Sani Tawainella wants to save the children in the village from religious conflict in Ambon through football.

Terjebak Nostalgia Trailer (2016)

01 December 2016

Chaotic Love Poems Trailer (2016)

04 February 2016

A cheerful yet serious Indonesian Romeo and Juliet. A boy and a girl from the same district, but with difficult childhoods and other reasons not to acknowledge their love.

Letters from Prague Trailer (2016)

28 January 2016

Larasati is forced to deliver a box of letters that belonged to Sulastri, her mother, to Jaya in Prague.

A Copy of My Mind Trailer (2015)

10 September 2015

A female cheap salon worker and a pirated DVDs subtitle maker fall in love during the turbulent presidential election in Indonesia.

Negeri van Oranje Trailer (2015)

23 December 2015

A friendship between 5 graduate students in Holland. 4 man and 1 girl. Eventually, the girl will have to choose one of them.