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100 Yen Love Trailer (2014)

15 November 2014

Slacker Ichiko gets into a fight with her younger sister and begins to live on her own, working the late shift at a 100 yen shop.

Yo-Yo Girl Cop Trailer (2006)

30 September 2006

Recruited by a clandestine police organization, "K" must stop a plot by student radicals to create anarchy in Japan.

Ninja the Monster Trailer (2015)

02 August 2015

A tale of feudal 18th century Japan involving a ninja, a princess, and a monster.

Oba: The Last Samurai Trailer (2011)

11 February 2011

In 1944, the American military lands on the shores of Saipan. Refusing to commit suicide with his superiors or be forced into camps for prisoners of war, Captain Oba Sakae leads a group of his men and other similarly minded local residents into the mountains.

Blindly in Love Trailer (2013)

08 June 2013

Kentaro is an unsocial 35-year-old who lives with his parents and has never dated a woman. When Kentaro’s parents set up an arranged marriage interview with a girl named Nahoko and her parents, he falls in love for the first time in his life.

Jellyfish Trailer (2013)

31 August 2013

Based on 16-year-old writer Sarie Hinakura’s award winning story Jellyfish is centered around two adolescent girls disconnected from their immediate environment of school and mates.