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Exciting Dragon Trailer (1985)

06 February 1985

The story revolves around three nasty villains' quest to retrieve the Seven Star Armor which will enable them to retrieve the sacred sword from a Taoist monastery.

99 Cycling Swords Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

Sensing a rebellion is brewing in the small town of Lang Wei Village, the Manchu warlords command the village magistrate to hunt down the rebels.

Poor Chasers Trailer (1980)

16 February 1980

Pairs of best college friends, Shen Jung (Brigitte Lin) and Li Lun-mei (Chelsia Chan); Chen Cheng-hsiung (Chin Han) and Fang Juei (Alan Tam) meet at the tennis courts.

The Naughty Girl Trailer (1974)

31 August 1974

In this bizarre story, a young woman is led to believe that men only have one thing on their minds. To avoid being taken advantaged of, she goes on a rampage, doing what others deem to be acts of the deranged.

The Bride and I Trailer (1969)

31 January 1969

A commedia all'italiana from Hong Kong

Burn Phoenix Burn Trailer (1982)

25 January 1982

A young lady sacrificed her first love when she discovered her boyfriend had a crush on her younger sister whom she was guilt-ridden of her loss of eyesight since childhood days.

Last Night's Light Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

Taiwanese romance film.

Everlasting Glory Trailer (1976)

19 July 1976

A Chinese national policy film