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Tombstone Terror Trailer (1935)

24 April 1935

Jimmy Dixon, pursued by a band of Mexicans, changes clothes with a tramp, who takes off on his horse.

The Gay Caballero Trailer (1940)

04 October 1940

The Cisco Kid and his buddy Gordito arrive in town and learn that Cisco is supposedly dead. Not only that: Before his death, he is believed to have attempted to steal Susan Wetherby's land.

Song of the Saddle Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

Frank Sr. sells his supplies to Hook, but then Hook has the Bannion Boys bushwhack his wagon to get the money back.

Under Montana Skies Trailer (1930)

09 September 1930

Clay gets a musical troop out af jail and helps raise money so they can put on their show. During the performance Blake and his men rob the box office.

Six-Gun Rhythm Trailer (1939)

17 February 1939

Western - When football player Tex fletcher arives home he finds his father missing. Jim Davis has ks

Whirlwind Trailer (1951)

16 April 1951

A singing postal inspector (Gene Autry) and his partner (Smiley Burnette) save a woman's (Gail Davis) estate from fraud.

The Kid Ranger Trailer (1936)

05 February 1936

Ranger Ray plans to marry stage driver Bill Mason's daughter Mary, but there are problems ahead....

The Man from Hell's Edges Trailer (1932)

14 June 1932

A cowboy after the man that killed his father goes to prison to get in with his gang.