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Heat Wave Trailer (2009)

07 August 2009

After the death of her unfaithful husband, Gisele, a social worker of 52 years, falls madly in love with Yannick, one of her former customers and kleptomaniac addict.

Afterwards Trailer (2008)

01 October 2008

Newly divorced lawyer Nathan Del Amico is shaken up after he meets a doctor who claims that he can sense when select people are about to die.

Bad Seeds Trailer (2016)

11 March 2016

Jacques is an actor who runs away to the countryside to escape his gambling debts. He meets Simon, a rough and wily farmer who manipulates him into a business relationship.

Louis Cyr : The Strongest Man in the World Trailer (2013)

12 July 2013

Biopic of Louis Cyr, strongest man in the world at the end of the 19th Century.

The Mirage Trailer (2015)

05 August 2015

Le Mirage is the perspective of a man in his thirties asking himself "what am I chasing?" Our society has become all about consumerism, if not excess.

The 3 L'il Pigs 2 Trailer (2016)

01 July 2016

Rémy is always between two planes, travels to Shanghai on business. During this trip, he takes the opportunity to cheat Dominique first with a woman, then with a man.

Un jour Mon Prince Trailer (2016)

21 November 2016

There are almost a hundred years that The Sleeping Beauty is asleep No prince charming responsible for waking found favor in his eyes or, if it does not wake up, the world of fairies disappear.

Wild Run: The Legend Trailer (2016)

26 February 2016

Without Her Trailer (2006)

22 September 2006

During a brief stay in Florence, Camille believes she's victim of an enormous flood. Urgently taken to a psychiatric hospital, she is diagnosed with the Stendhal Syndrome: a temporary psychological disorder well known to affect tourists who are too vulnerable to the beauty of art work.

Les Boys IV Trailer (2005)

09 December 2005

Quatre années plus tard. Stan a légué sa brasserie à son fils Léopold. Le valeureux entraineur des Boys est maintenant propriétaire d'un magasin d'articles sportifs.

Henri Henri Trailer (2014)

07 November 2014

Henri was raised by religious in a convent and lived with them until the women, now elders, moved, leaving him alone.

The Fight Trailer (2007)

13 October 2007

A coming-of-age saga set in the slums of Montreal as a young teenage boy comes to grips with the temptations of the street while hopelessly aspiring to become a professional wrestler.

L’incomparable Mademoiselle C. Trailer (2004)

23 April 2004

In this sequel to the popular adventures of Mademoiselle C, the strange Mademoiselle Charlotte began a new life as a postwoman in Saint-Gérard where she encounters a particularly dishonest businessman.

Les Etats-Unis d'Albert Trailer (2005)

08 April 2005

À hauteur d'homme Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

La Mystérieuse Mademoiselle C. Trailer (2002)

27 March 2002