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Pedro Penduko, Episode II: The Return Of The Comeback Trailer (2000)

26 May 2000

A man (Janno Gibbs) meets the leader (Ramon Zamora) of a distant land threatened by imminent destruction.

This Is How We Were, How Are You Doing Now? Trailer (1976)

24 December 1976

Set at the turn of the 20th century during the Filipino revolution against the Spaniards and, later, the American colonizers, it follows a naive peasant through his leap of faith to become a member of an imagined community.

Catch Me, I'm in Love Trailer (2011)

23 February 2011

Directed by Mae Czarina Cruz, Catch Me...I'm in Love is a light, rom-com film that centers on the lives of two young adults searching for that something that could complete their existence.

Exchange Partners Trailer (1982)

28 May 1982

Chuck (Christopher de Leon) decides to make an honest woman of his long-time live-in partner Carissa (Dina Bonnevie) by marrying her.

Cain & Abel Trailer (1982)

07 October 1982

In this modern-day version of the biblical legend on Cain and Abel, strong-willed matriarch Señora Pina favors her younger son Ellis over the older Loren whom she blames for the death of her husband.

The Affair Trailer (1982)

02 July 1982

Emil, a young executive, and his mistress Marilou, a planetarium guide, decide to be live-in partners.

The President Trailer (2012)

25 December 2012

The film begins with his capture by Philippine and US forces under Frederick Funston's command in 1901, then flashes back to 1886, when an old woman gives Aguinaldo and his childhood friend Candido Tirona cryptic prophecies.

Victim Trailer (1990)

20 November 1990

The story of an unsuccessful attempt to convict a congressman's son of rape takes an unexpected twist, as the accused pursues a friendship with the victim.

The Escort Trailer (2016)

02 November 2016

A young woman works as a secretary for a high class escort service, and is drawn into the intrigues of a client and the man who has fallen in love with her.

Across The Crescent Moon Trailer (2017)

25 January 2017

The story revolves around a SAF exemplary Agent, Abbas Misani a Muslim who is married to Emma, whose parents with strict Christian upbringing would not accept both Abbas and Emma to their family.

Aguila Trailer (1980)

14 February 1980

Daniel Aguila's son recounts memories of the Philippines as he searches for his father.

Weighed But Found Wanting Trailer (1974)

30 May 1974

The son of a wealthy man, Junior has everything he could possibly want. But the emptiness of his extravagant lifestyle and the hypocrisy of the town's so-called leading citizens weigh heavily on him, and he reaches out to the village outcasts.

Forgive Me Trailer (1991)

23 October 1991

A married couple who try to make their marriage work despite the fact that both of them are career-oriented and that there are tensions created by the prescence of their first-born child, Mike Jr.

Sa'yo Lamang Trailer (2010)

01 September 2010

From the director who gave us Tanging Yaman, Laurice Guillen, is back with another heart-warming family drama which teaches us about love, faith and life.

Just Be Mine Trailer (1987)

06 May 1987

To what lengths would a woman go to be able to possess the man she loved? This film directed by the world-acclaimed Lino Brocka provided an answer.

Dukot Trailer (2016)

13 July 2016

Based on a true kidnapping event, Carlo Sandoval was kidnapped instead of his sister.

Marriage? Trailer (1980)

19 June 1980

Laurice Guillen's debut film, about a young couple about to get married.

Plea To God Trailer (1991)

24 July 1991

A nun named Dolores is raped. She becomes pregnant, gives birth and is punished by cruel superiors. She then meets Vince and marries him but later discovers that Vince was the one who raped her.

Wanted Perfect Mother Trailer (1996)

07 May 1996

A 30-year-old widower realizes that his three children need a mother figure. His youngest daughter feels lonely and finds it hard to cope with schooling.

Salamat sa Alaala Trailer (2015)

09 August 2015

The documentary serves as a tribute to National Artist for Cinema Gerardo de Leon in celebration of his Centennial Year.

The Day Before Yesterday Trailer (1981)

15 January 1981

Kamakalawa (The Day Before Yesterday) explores the folklore of the prehistoric Philippines in an adventure of mortals in the world filled with gods and mythological creatures.

Weary Heart Trailer (1988)

30 June 1988

When a harassed movie director takes it on his wife, the battered wife is faced with how long can she take it.

Three Faces of Love Trailer (1988)

08 February 1988

Three different kinds of love stories in one picture all of them top-billed by Sharon Cuneta. One is "I LOVE YOU MOOMOO" where she played the young bride who died while on her honeymoon.

The Legend Of Julian Makabayan Trailer (1979)

25 December 1979

Celso Ad. Castillo's film about villagers retelling the story of their hero and the revolt he waged in the countryside.

Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina, At Mga Anak Trailer (2014)

29 January 2014

In 1970s Mindanao, a man and his family take arms to defend the people against those who would oppress them.

Kristo Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

In "Kristo", Director Ben G. Yalung was able to capture the essence of the Gospel of John, mixed in with Filipino Holy Week traditions, in this reenactment of the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Sweet Revenge Trailer (1989)

12 September 1989

Salve, a content barrio lass, is married to Alfred, an aspiring politician. Alfred meets Via finds out that they can both be very useful to each other's lives.

How to Dream Trailer (1983)

09 June 1983

The story of Lisa & Eric and how they fought for their love. Lisa got pregnant with Benny, Eric's brother.

Tragic Theater Trailer (2015)

08 January 2015

A team of exorcists are sent into an old theater that is rumored to have been the site of a great tragedy during its construction.

The Eyes of Angelita Trailer (1978)

11 August 1978

Mga Mata ni Angelita was written by Ricardo Feliciano and became a number one hit radio drama from 1974 to 1978.

I Love You: Final Answer! Trailer (2002)

23 January 2002

Joanna, a good-for-nothing girl who miserably failed in her attempt to win any television game show and contest, is hired by Nino as his personal secretary, believing that she could be her lucky charm.

Flames Of Love Trailer (2012)

12 December 2012

A multi-plot story that tackles the pressing issues surrounding the modern-day family – drug addiction, infidelity, promiscuity and even abortion.

I Love You, No One Else Trailer (1992)

21 April 1992

Opposites attract when Trixie, a spoiled rich brat, and Alex, a hardworking taxi driver, fall in love.

The Stepmother Trailer (1996)

14 August 1996

The loving and nurturing Mariel marries Edward after his first wife abandons him and their three children.

Kailan Sasabihing Mahal Kita? Trailer (1985)

28 November 1985

A marriage which started on the wrong foot, compromised by her boyfriend agreed to marry family friend in order to save face.

Dirty Affair Trailer (1990)

17 May 1990

A teenage boy befriends a starlet who is having an affair with an ambitious mayor. As the elections are coming up, the mayor's wife wants him to get rid of his mistress.

Blue Moon Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

Corazon (Boots Anson Roa), an old Filipina who lives in Boston, wrote to each Manuel Pineda in her home a letter.

You Are Mine Trailer (1978)

08 December 1978

Rex Aguilar is torn between two women: her girlfriend for 5 years Tere, and the woman gave her excitement Sandra.

Will Your Heart Beat Faster? Trailer (1980)

08 August 1980

In a spoof on the contemporary sacred cons, two yuppy couples get entangled with warring smugglers of dope that include fake priests and nuns as well as Japanese and Chinese agents.

Escape Trailer (1995)

25 January 1995

Set during the terrifying reign of Filipino despot, Marcos, two upper caste but very different strangers team up to try and survive the physical and mental torture they undergo after they are suddenly jailed.

Mano Po 2: My Home Trailer (2003)

25 December 2003

Antonio Chan, a prominent Chinese businessman, has three women in his life v Sol, a Filipina; Lu Shui, a Chinese; and Belinda, a Filipino-Chinese.

Mano po 6: A Mother's Love Trailer (2009)

25 December 2009

Melinda Uy is a half-Filipino, half-Chinese struggling mother to four children married to a full-Chinese blood man.

Alas-dose Trailer (2001)

30 May 2001

After a drug lord is apprehended by the police, a syndicate does everything in its power to get him out of jail, since he has money that should be divided among the members, so a general's grandson is kidnapped to facilitate his release.

When Love Begins... Trailer (2008)

29 April 2008

Benedicto "Ben" Caballero is an environmentalist who disapproves of deforestation for villages in mountainous regions in the country.

Where Is Francis? Trailer (2006)

01 February 2006

An absurd, original and bawdy comedy about a hapless Boy, who tries to save his girlfriend, who is forced to work as a prostitute while trying to elude a drug dealer.

Three Years Without God Trailer (1976)

18 November 1976

A woman fell in love with a Japanese soldier, during the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines. The whole town turned against her.

Banal Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Cris and Jason are two policemen with two opposite personalities and philosophies-Cris is the epitome of the rare, near-extinct breed of honest cops while Jason is the basurero, the legman/front man who does the dirty work of his district's high officials.

Katawan Trailer (1999)

10 March 1999

The moment the doctor confirms his wife's pregnancy Carlo felt a sign of a curse coming to life. It's the curse caused by his errant grandfather, the curse that doomed his father.

Sisters Trailer (2002)

12 June 2002

Lisa (Santos) and Cita (Cuneta) have a kinship as sisters, but their bond goes far beyond blood. The close-knit two are also best friends -- until a tragic misfortune strikes and the sisters' support system unravels.

Sparkle in the Dark Trailer (1991)

27 June 1991

Brought up with the belief that a woman should only follow one man and their only role is to be a mother and wife, Ciena married Nitoy.

Beloved Trailer (1985)

27 June 1985

A friendship turns south when one of them stole the others' fiance and then asks her to keep the relationship together.

The Child of Brocka Trailer (2005)

30 July 2005

It is about a group of investigative journalists from a sub-par TV station who accidentally scores a scoop that a 21-year-old boy is looking around for his identity… he claims to be the son of the late director Lino Brocka, a known gay filmmaker.

Where Is Francis? Trailer (2006)

01 February 2006

Two friends go to Francis' hacienda house set in Victorias to borrow money. Instead of lending them money, Francis proposes a drug deal involving Ecstasy which will earn the two a lot of money.

American Adobo Trailer (2001)

29 September 2001

The everyday struggles of people trying to bridge two cultures, as well as their attempt to find happiness in their new homeland.

Love You Until Now Trailer (1997)

29 April 1997

Restaurant owner Margot (Vilma Santos) often reproaches her dentist husband Leo (Christopher De Leon) for his irresponsible and disorganized ways, reaching a point where Margot finds no reason for them to stay together.

Mano po III: My Love Trailer (2004)

25 December 2004

Anti-crime crusader Lilia Chiong Yang seems to have everything a woman could want and need: a husband who pampers her; children whom any parent would be proud of; and the respect & admiration of the most powerful people in the land.

Wansapanataym The Movie Trailer (1999)

26 May 1999

The story is about an orphan named Anna who searched for her long-lost father. With the guardian angel Barbiel's help, Anna was able to see the latter's father even for a moment.

The 13th Chapter Trailer (2000)

23 August 2000

A story of good versus evil revolving around a young woman. When Angela is born to David and Sara they are full of joy but as she grows up, she proves to be more of a curse than a blessing.

The Seventies Trailer (2002)

25 December 2002

A middle-class Filipino family struggles to survive in the era of dictatorship.

Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka Trailer (2003)

11 June 2003

A lonely man gets a second chance at love when he meets a woman during a visit to his wife's grave.