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Frankenstein Trailer (1931)

21 November 1931

Henry Frankenstein is a doctor who is trying to discover a way to make the dead walk. He succeeds and creates a monster that has to deal with living again.

Four's a Crowd Trailer (1938)

04 August 1938

Robert will do anything to get the big account that has eluded him. His public relations business makes public angels of rich scoundrels.

Storm Warning Trailer (1951)

10 February 1951

Ginger Rogers is troubled when she finds her sister's husband is a member of the KKK.

Dallas Trailer (1950)

30 December 1950

Land, a family, a future. They're "dreams, fried up, short order" for Blayde Hollister (Gary Cooper). Rightly or wrongly, this ex-Confederate from Georgia has waged his own war to settle past injustices. Now he's a wanted man. And he can feel the law closing in on him. Posing as a Boston dandy, he comes to the boom town with a gun and a plan: to smoke out the notorious Marlow brothers (including Steve Cochran and Raymond Massey), then give 'em a whiff of gunsmoke. Director Stuart Heisler (Along Came Jones) keeps the pace flowing like the local saloon's liquor. Max Steiner's score gallops like a hell-for-leather posse and screenwriter John Twist fires scene after scene with lines like "you'll get your pockets picked in a graveyard". Dallas, here we come!

Havana Widows Trailer (1933)

18 November 1933

Two golddiggers go fishing for millionaires in Havana.

Special Agent Trailer (1935)

14 September 1935

Newspaperman Bill Bradford becomes a special agent for the tax service trying to end the career of racketeer Nick Carston.

The Woman in White Trailer (1948)

15 May 1948

A young painter stumbles upon an assortment of odd characters at an English estate where he has been hired to give art lessons to beautiful Laura Fairlie.

I Died a Thousand Times Trailer (1955)

09 November 1955

I Died a Thousand Times is essentially a remake of the 1941 crime-drama classic High Sierra. Jack Palance steps into the old Humphrey Bogart role as Roy "Mad Dog" Earle, the ageing bank robber who intends to pull off one last heist before retiring.

The System Trailer (1953)

18 April 1953

A gambling boss is pressured by the law and press when a crusade is started against him after one of his collectors becomes a killer.

Of Human Bondage Trailer (1946)

20 July 1946

A medical student with a club foot falls for a beautiful but ambitious waitress. She soon leaves him, but gets pregnant and comes back to him for help.

The Lone Ranger Trailer (1956)

25 February 1956

The territorial governor asks the Lone Ranger to investigate mysterious raids on settlers by Indians who ride with saddles.

Barricade Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

Western remake of Jack London's The Sea Wolf (and Michael Curtiz's 1941 film adaptation)

The Painted Desert Trailer (1931)

01 January 1931

Western pardners Jeff and Cash find a baby boy in an otherwise deserted emigrants' camp, and clash over which is to be "father.

Wings of Adventure Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

Dave Kent, a commercial aviator, and his mechanic, Skeets Smith, are forced to make an emergency landing in Mexico and find themselves in the hands of La Panthera, a notorious bandit who wishes to overthrow the government and become president of a new republic.

Escape Me Never Trailer (1947)

07 November 1947

Romantic quadrangle involving two brothers- one a burgeoning ballet composer, a willful heiress and a waif.

The Impatient Maiden Trailer (1932)

01 March 1932

A maid's dream comes true but are not quite what she expected.

The Lighthouse by the Sea Trailer (1924)

01 December 1924

A lighthouse keeper and his daughter are in trouble on two fronts--if the authorities find out he is going blind they will remove him, and a gang of liquor-smugglers is trying to destroy the lighthouse so they can land their illegal cargo on shore without being spotted.

Sugarfoot Trailer (1951)

11 February 1951

The lawless west had never met a gun-throwing gent like...

Brother Rat and a Baby Trailer (1940)

13 January 1940

Three comrades graduate from Viriginia Military Institute. Bing has a chance to return to VMI as a football coach.

An Angel from Texas Trailer (1940)

27 April 1940

A pair of slick Broadway producers con a wealthy cowboy into backing their show.

Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend Trailer (1957)

04 May 1957

Director Richard L. Bare's 1957 revenge western stars Randolph Scott as an army veteran seeking the men who sold defective ammunition that caused his brother's death.

The Burning Hills Trailer (1956)

23 August 1956

When Trace Jordan's brother is murdered he confronts the man responsible.

A Dog of the Regiment Trailer (1927)

29 October 1927

A Rin Tin Tin adventure

Clash of the Wolves Trailer (1925)

17 November 1925

A fire in the mountains drive a wolf pack into the nearby desert where they terrorize the local residents.

Operation Secret Trailer (1952)

05 November 1952

After assisting the French Underground during WWII, an American Officer is later accused of murder and subversive activities by former colleagues.

Hogan's Alley Trailer (1925)

12 December 1925

Lefty O'Brien, a pugilist, becomes engaged to ex-tomboy Patsy Ryan against the wishes of her father, Michael.

Thieves Fall Out Trailer (1941)

03 May 1941

Eddie Barnes, tired of being a nobody and living with his parents, decides to cash in his mother's legacy and use the money to buy a business.

Miss Pacific Fleet Trailer (1935)

14 December 1935

A down-on-her-luck showgirl sets her eyes on the cash prize that comes with winning the title "Miss Pacific Fleet".

Peacock Alley Trailer (1930)

10 January 1930

Claire Tree is a singer/dancer who goes after what she wants in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner, so when she finds herself in the New York City hotel-suite, in fashionable Peacock Alley, of Stoddard Channing, she wastes no time.

Smart Girls Don't Talk Trailer (1948)

09 October 1948

A society woman gets involved with a gangster only to find he has hidden plans.

Hot Money Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

Salesman develops a fake stock plan in new invention before it is finished.

Sunny Skies Trailer (1930)

17 May 1930

The first of two films pairing western/serial/action-film leading man Rex Lease (who also sings and dances here) and dialect comedian and comic writer Benny Rubin.

Mary Jane's Pa Trailer (1935)

27 April 1935

A deserter (Guy Kibbee) saves his wife (Aline MacMahon) from gangsters out to ruin her newspaper.

The Night Cry Trailer (1926)

27 February 1926

A giant condor decimates a herd of sheep, and Rin-Tin-Tin is accused of having turned killer.

Rags to Riches Trailer (1922)

24 September 1922

A rich young boy has to prove his worth to the gang he has just joined by during all sorts of hardships, including a kidnap attempt, before they'll accept him.