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Phoenix Trailer (2014)

25 September 2014

A disfigured concentration-camp survivor, unrecognizable after facial reconstruction surgery, searches ravaged postwar Berlin for the husband who might have betrayed her to the Nazis.

Barbara Trailer (2012)

08 March 2012

It is the summer of 1980 in East Germany and, alone, Barbara is confined to living and working as a doctor in a small provincial town - her punishment for attempting to emigrate to the West.

Heimliche Liebe - Der Schüler und die Postbotin Trailer (2005)

28 November 2005

The Monuments Men Trailer (2014)

24 January 2014

Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an action drama focusing on seven over-the-hill, out-of-shape museum directors, artists, architects, curators, and art historians who went to the front lines of WWII to rescue the world’s artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their rightful owners.

Goodbye Berlin Trailer (2016)

15 September 2016

Two outsiders travel around the countryside during school holidays.

Lore Trailer (2012)

02 August 2012

After her Nazi parents are imprisoned, Lore leads her younger siblings across a war-torn Germany in 1945.

Pope Joan Trailer (2009)

22 October 2009

A 9th century woman of English extraction born in the German city of Ingelheim disguises herself as a man and rises through the Vatican ranks.

Little Thirteen Trailer (2012)

04 July 2012

The everyday lives of teenagers, coming from various social backgrounds. For them, sexuality has become a substitute for love, resulting from emotional neglect.

Deutschland 09 - 13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation Trailer (2009)

13 February 2009

Thirteen German directors present short films exploring the state of their country.

Wer wenn nicht wir Trailer (2011)

10 March 2011

In the early 60s, Bernward Vesper and fellow university student Gudrun Ensslin begin a passionate love in the stifling atmosphere of provincial West Germany.

Ghosts Trailer (2005)

15 September 2005

Nina, an end-of-teenage orphan with mental problems, starts a new job as a garden cleaner when she meets Toni.

Distant Lights Trailer (2003)

11 February 2003

Lichter is an episodic tale from Hans-Christian Schmid about the life on the boarder between Germany and Poland.

Jerichow Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

The Turkish diaspora in Germany proves the catalyst for this noir-flavored drama concerning the unlikely friendship between a veteran of the Afghan-Soviet war and a middle-aged Turk in need of a helping hand.

Die Ungehorsame Trailer (2015)

31 March 2015

No Place to Go Trailer (2000)

20 April 2000

Flanders, a famous female author, travels 1989 after the fall of the Berlin wall into the German capitol.

Das Gewinnerlos Trailer (2015)

01 May 2015

Spreewaldkrimi - Spiel mit dem Tod Trailer (2016)

18 May 2016

Spreewaldkrimi – Die Sturmnacht Trailer (2015)

13 November 2015

Weltverbesserungsmaßnahmen Trailer (2005)

11 August 2005

Weiter als der Ozean Trailer (2014)

19 February 2014

Lena Fauch - Gefährliches Schweigen Trailer (2013)

21 October 2013

Rückwärtslaufen kann ich auch Trailer (1990)

25 January 1990

Fahr zur Hölle, Schwester Trailer (2002)

09 October 2002

Geheime Geschichten Trailer (2004)

03 May 2004

Spreewaldkrimi: Der Tote im Spreewald Trailer (2010)

26 October 2010

Blöde Mütze! Trailer (2007)

10 February 2007

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Hänsel und Gretel Trailer (2005)

25 December 2005

Das Geheimnis im Moor Trailer (2006)

16 July 2006

Die Sterneköchin Trailer (2007)

11 April 2007

Mutterseelenallein Trailer (2005)

11 February 2005

Mörder in Weiß - Der Tod lauert im OP Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Zeit nach der Trauer Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004