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Claudia Gerini (born 18 December 1971 in Rome) is an Italian actress and showgirl.

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John Wick: Chapter 2 Trailer (2017)

08 February 2017

John Wick is forced out of retirement by a former associate looking to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild.

The Passion of the Christ Trailer (2004)

25 February 2004

"The Passion of the Christ" is a film about the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus. Director Mel Gibson received much criticism from critics and audiences for his explicit depiction of and focus on violence and on christs suffering, especially on the part of the jewish community.

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser Trailer (2012)

30 January 2012

Arriving on a deserted beach in the Mediterranean sea, in a time and a place unspecified, Kaspar Hauser is forced to confront the evil of a Grand Duchess who feels threatened by the power she exercises over the community.

Under the Tuscan Sun Trailer (2003)

30 April 2003

After a rough divoce, Frances, a 35 year old book editor from San Francisco takes a tour of Tuscany at the urgings of her friends.

The Unknown Woman Trailer (2006)

09 October 2006

Irena, a Ukrainian woman coming to Italy looking for a job as a maid. She does everything she to become a beloved nanny for an adorable little girl Thea.

Don't Move Trailer (2004)

12 March 2004

While waiting for the brain surgery of his daughter Angela, victim of a motorcycle accident, the surgeon Timoteo recalls his torrid affair with and passion for Italia, a simple woman from slums in the periphery of the big city where he lives.

Reality Trailer (2012)

04 May 2012

A dark comedy centering on the lives of a Neapolitan based family whose father, a fish merchant, is so infatuated with the reality TV show "Grande Fratello" (the Italian version of "Big Brother") he starts living his life as if he were on it.

Tulpa - Demon of Desire Trailer (2012)

25 August 2012

Lisa Boeri is at the top of her corporate career, but at night she frequents the notorious Club Tulpa, owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru.

The Big Question Trailer (2004)

25 February 2004

Although it was shot on the set of director Mel Gibson's controversial epic The Passion of the Christ, this thought-provoking documentary is not about the making of the movie.

Getaway of Love Trailer (2015)

28 August 2015

The destiny of Giuliana is radically changed when two robbers suddenly break into the supermarket where she works and take her hostage.

Aspettando il sole Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

A Perfect Family Trailer (2012)

28 November 2012

Ex Trailer (2009)

06 February 2009

Ex is a 2009 film directed and co-written by Fausto Brizzi and interpreted by a rich and large cast of characters.

Tutta colpa di Freud Trailer (2014)

23 January 2014

Francesco Taramelli is a psychoanalyst who is dealing with three patients going through various hurdles in their love lives: Marta is chasing a deaf-mute man who has stolen things from her book shop, Sara is a lesbian who was left by her girlfriend just after she proposed to her, and 18-year-old Emma is seeing a 50-year-old architect called Alessandro, who is already married.

The Commander and the Stork Trailer (2012)

18 October 2012

A widowed working-class father falls in love with a struggling, poor artist.

Amiche da morire Trailer (2013)

07 March 2013

Three very different women who are hiding a secret are forced to work together to save their own skin.

Nemiche per la pelle Trailer (2016)

14 April 2016

Maldamore Trailer (2014)

14 March 2014

Grande, grosso e Verdone Trailer (2008)

07 March 2008

No overview found.

Lucignolo Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Different from Whom? Trailer (2009)

20 March 2009

Political strategists in a northern Italian city push gay-rights campaigner Piero into the mayoral race, pairing him with uptight conservative toughie Adele (Claudia Gerini).

Il traduttore Trailer (2016)

26 May 2016

Stuff for the Rich Trailer (1987)

13 November 1987

3 episodes set in Monte Carlo. In the first one a priest is compelled to become the lover of a princess.

Com'è bello far l'amore Trailer (2012)

10 February 2012

Viaggi di nozze Trailer (1995)

15 December 1995

Le vicessitudini di tre coppie di novelli sposi dalla celebrazione dei matrimoni sino ai rispettivi viaggi di nozze.

Indovina chi viene a Natale? Trailer (2013)

19 December 2013

Francesca e Nunziata Trailer (2002)

22 January 2002

At the beginning of the century, in Italy, a wealthy woman Francesca (Loren), adopts a poor little girl named Nunziata.

Tutti gli uomini del deficiente Trailer (1999)

17 December 1999

Off Key Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001

A trio of opera singers are reunited by a wedding ten years after their stormy breakup.

La terra Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

Fuochi d'artificio Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

My Tomorrow Trailer (2011)

04 November 2011

Iris Blond Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

La playa de los galgos Trailer (2002)

05 April 2002

Martin has been trying to find his disappeared brother Pablo. Pablo has been out of touch for years, after a terrorist incident in which Martin and the family suspect Pablo's participation.

Viaggio segreto Trailer (2006)

20 October 2006

Escoriandoli Trailer (1996)

07 September 1996

Nero bifamiliare Trailer (2007)

11 April 2007

A couple's pleasant new life in the country is threatened by the mysterious new next door neighbors.

Al cuore si comanda Trailer (2003)

21 November 2003

Hors Service Trailer (2001)

13 June 2001

Ils sont cinq tueurs. Francis, le chef, Louis le parano, Victor, l'accro aux series tele, M'sieur, fan de tamagochi et Marchand, dont la femme est la seule certitude.

L'anno prossimo vado a letto alle dieci Trailer (1995)

18 August 1995

It's new year's eve and two friends decide to spend the night in a special way, just to forget a sentimental disillusionment.

The Wasp and the Queen Trailer (1999)

01 March 1999

A gay man and a lesbian, both having reasons to try going straight, end up as a couple!

Padre e figlio Trailer (1994)

27 November 1994

A working class father would like his son to start job in his same factory. But the son is not like his parent.

Amarsi può darsi Trailer (2001)

01 March 2001

During their divorce trial, Davide and Giulia go back through episodes of their life together while they listen to a series of witnesses.

L'Atlantide Trailer (1992)

30 December 1992

A mythical land who must be discover. Or invented. In an impressive library, two old men. One is a great Polish archaeologist at the end of his work.

Night Club Trailer (1989)

15 March 1989