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Spanish-born supporting actress of the '30s-50s, usually playing somebody's aunt, neighbor, or servant. A bit friendlier-looking than her sister, María Gentil Arcos, although she did play a killer in La llorona (1933).

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Miente y serás feliz Trailer (1940)

31 May 1940

A Spanish, Juan, is obsessed with telling the truth always. As a result he is consistently in the middle of troubles.

Gran Hotel Trailer (1944)

14 August 1944

Cantinflas is a vagrant being evicted for not paying rent, after wandering gets a job at the 'Grand Hotel' through a friend, that's confused by Count Zapatini, who is undercover in the hotel, stealing a gem making this funny movie more complicated.

El bombero atómico Trailer (1952)

10 September 1952

Cantinflas is a clumsy fireman, who one day receives the visit of his little goddaughter, whose mother recently died in the jungle.

Delirio tropical Trailer (1952)

24 June 1952

Vindictive rich girl spreads rumors about her rival being a witch. Townsfolk get all agitated.

Una Familia De Tantas Trailer (1949)

11 March 1949

Rodrigo Cataño seeks to impose in his family a Porfirian order. One day a door to door salesman, Roberto del Hierro, comes into the house to sell an American vacuum cleaner from the "Bright O'Home" company.

Caballero a la medida Trailer (1954)

01 September 1954

Cantinflas works as a model of tuxedos in a prestigious store, your job is to use the smoking in the street along with an advertising sign on his back.

The Rock of Souls Trailer (1943)

25 February 1943

The love between María Ángela and Fernando is impossible because there's an ancient history of hate between their families.

El fronterizo Trailer (1952)

12 September 1952

Rom-com in charro hats.

Romeo y Julieta Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

Verona's peace is disturbed by the rivalry between noble families: the Montesco and the Capuleto, irreconcilable enemies.

Illusion Travels by Streetcar Trailer (1954)

01 January 1954

Confronted with the unfortunate news that their favorite Streetcar, no. 133, is going to be decommissioned, two Municipal Transit workers get drunk and decide to "take 'er for one last spin," as it were.

¡Qué bravas son las costeñas! Trailer (1955)

02 June 1955

Mexican-American playboy anchors his yacht offshore of a Veracruz fishing village and chases skirts in town.

Cinco fueron escogidos Trailer (1943)

08 July 1943

Yugoslav partisans resist the Nazi occupation.

En tiempos de Don Porfirio Trailer (1940)

04 April 1940

A 1940 film directed by Juan Bustillo Oro.

Daughter of Deceit Trailer (1951)

01 January 1951

In the drama, a father, firmly believing that the baby daughter in his arms is not his own, abandons her upon the doorstep of the town drunk.

El muchacho alegre Trailer (1948)

04 February 1948

Boisterous young charro has to prove to his girlfriend's parents that he's ready to settle down and be a responsible adult.

La mujer del puerto Trailer (1934)

14 February 1934

Her father dies... her fiance dumps her... and she can't find a job... so she covers the waterfront. And then one night.

El 7 leguas Trailer (1955)

08 December 1955

Horse-trader gets absorbed into Pancho Villa's battalions, becomes a spy.

El rebelde (Romance de Antaño) Trailer (1945)

09 March 1945

A landowner indirect kills another because of false rumors. Time passes. The son of the dead want the offender to pay their share.

Me he de comer esa tuna Trailer (1945)

01 March 1945

Ranchera comedy, romantic triangle.

Así amaron nuestros padres Trailer (1964)

16 July 1964

Elderly roue interferes in the love life of a young woman because she's secretly his daughter. Remake of En Tiempos De Don Porfirio.

Asesinos, S.A. Trailer (1957)

16 September 1957

Incompetent clown is drafted into a Murder Incorporated style squad of hitmen.

Barrio bajo Trailer (1950)

08 December 1950

Reworking of City Lights -- poor schmoe busts his hump to restore a blind woman's sight...

Confidencias de un ruletero Trailer (1949)

16 November 1949

Taxi driver takes the wrong passenger at the wrong time and gets caught up in a murder investigation.

La Devoradora Trailer (1946)

18 April 1946

A Mexican film noir revolving around a crime: the suicide of one of Diana (María Félix)'s lovers and the disposal of his body in order to avoid a scandal.

La vida inútil de Pito Pérez Trailer (1944)

07 November 1944

Episodes from the life of an alcoholic hobo.

Hay ángeles con espuelas Trailer (1957)

20 June 1957

Two brothers butt heads: one's a gadabout charro playboy and the other's a priest.

Ruletero a toda marcha Trailer (1964)

14 May 1964

Country-boy migrates to the big city to work as a taxi-driver.

El museo del crimen Trailer (1945)

08 August 1945

Stage magician/amateur detective helps police to solve a murder.

El secreto de la solterona Trailer (1945)

10 May 1945

Dark family mysteries in a Gothic mansion.

Yo, el mujeriego Trailer (1963)

18 July 1963

Playboy bachelor poses as a woman's husband to protect her daughter's reputation at a private school.

El que tenga un amor Trailer (1942)

11 March 1942

Victor must leave his life of partying and change his girlfriend, Lucero, for the bride that awaits him in his hometown.

Por querer a una mujer Trailer (1951)

14 September 1951

Ranch melodrama: romantic triangle leads to multiple murders.

Tierra brava Trailer (1938)

20 August 1938

Financier threatens to foreclose on a cigar-factory's mortgage, but a secret benefactor pays off the owner's debt and saves the day.

Dicen que soy hombre malo Trailer (1960)

23 June 1960

Mistaken identities, courtship woes, invalidated marriages, and sombreros de charro.

El Gran Makakikus Trailer (1944)

21 December 1944

Uncultured nouveau- riche wants to be received in high society. Loose adaptation of Moliere.

Así se quiere en Jalisco Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

Romantic triangle, land-owner and two employees.

El superflaco Trailer (1959)

19 February 1959

Mad scientist gives Atomic Powers to a 98 pound weakling.

The Crying Woman Trailer (1933)

31 March 1933

Llorona is a figure unique to Mexican folklore -- the wailing spirit of a woman who lost or killed her child and now returns to seek revenge and haunt the living.

Acá las tortas Trailer (1951)

12 October 1951

College students, ready to start entering adult society, are ashamed of their working-class backgrounds.

Lo que no se puede perdonar!.. Trailer (1953)

09 October 1953

Hortensia is almost ready to take her vows at the convent... but she gets distracted by her stepmother's boyfriend.

Pobre diablo Trailer (1940)

23 April 1940

An elderly homeless dude lucks into a situation where a young woman's uncle and her boyfriend ask him to impersonate her long-lost father and give her some nurturing parent attention.

Músico, poeta y loco Trailer (1948)

08 May 1948

An underaged heiress is sent to a reformatory by her unscrupulous guardians to prevent her from fulfilling the conditions of her father's will.

El Portero Trailer (1950)

08 September 1950

Cantinflas works as a porter, who writes letters and speeches in his old writing machine to earn an extra money, despite the fact that he still goes to school.

Cinco rostros de mujer Trailer (1947)

26 February 1947

"The great love of his life" happened five times; one of those women just wrote him a letter. Which one will it be?

El rey de México Trailer (1956)

20 April 1956

Homeless guy is selected for game show/reality show where's he's allowed to live for awhile like a rich person.

Yo no me caso compadre Trailer (1960)

26 May 1960

Neither party pf an arranged marriage wants to comply with their parents' expectations, and he & she both come up with plans to sabotage the proceedings.

Yo dormí con un fantasma Trailer (1949)

01 January 1949

Ghost horror-comedy.

Mil estudiantes y una muchacha Trailer (1942)

10 March 1942

Every single student at Uni flips over the young woman that lives in the building across the street from the Commons.

El señor fotógrafo Trailer (1953)

02 September 1953

Cantinflas, a traveling photographer, is captured by some gangsters while trying to get some flowers for his girlfriend.

Las medias de seda Trailer (1956)

02 November 1956

Vineyard worker is happy when her long-estranged artist brother comes to visit her. But then...

¡Vaya tipos! Trailer (1955)

05 January 1955

Father and adult sons give help to an orphaned teenage girl.

Encadenada (El yugo) Trailer (1947)

27 May 1947

A marriage becomes a living hell when hubby's pathologies start surfacing.