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Edgar's Feast Day Trailer (1921)

01 February 1921

Episode 11 of the series of 2-reel comedies “The Adventures and Emotions of Edgar Pomeroy”.

Watch Your Step Trailer (1922)

16 February 1922

Elmer Slocum has just served a jail sentence for speeding. On his first day of liberty he encounters a physician whose car has broken down and offers to take him to his patient; he is pursued by motorcops for speeding, wrecks his car in a closed street, and knocks down and believes he has killed a policeman.

Doubling for Romeo Trailer (1921)

22 October 1921

Slim Cody works in the movie industry, doubling for the performers. He has a dream in which he portrays Romeo in a movie version of "Romeo and Juliet," and arranges for someone to double for him when the fight scenes get scary.

Cupid the Cowpuncher Trailer (1920)

25 July 1920

Alec Lloyd, the foreman of the Sewell ranch, is nicknamed "Cupid" because of his propensity for matchmaking.

Boys Will Be Boys Trailer (1921)

05 May 1921

Peep O'Day, an orphan in a small Kentucky town, falls heir to a small fortune and begins to make up for all the lost pleasure of childhood, but Sublette, a crooked attorney, arranges for an eastern belle to show up as Peep's "niece" to steal his fortune.